Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


6. Chapter Six

I was strapped down, restricted, Not allowed to move. I was told I was bad, and I made bad mistakes. Everyday I was taken and told to remember the truth. I tried so hard to dig deep inside and find real memories but aren't my shiny ones the correct ones?

"Come on Peeta." Haymitch said, "Remember her? She saved you!" I dived deep into my memories scavenging for some truth. And there before was a memory that I have never seen. The damn face of the Mockingjay Hovering over me, assessing my badly injured Leg. "It will be fine Peeta." She whispered working silently. The memory was not shiny. Crystal clear but not Shiny at all. It was beautiful except for the her. A killer. Murderer. I began shaking from pure anger and once again the many pairs of hands were placed on my, dragging me to Darkness...

Everyday, I had to train to remember my memories. I found real ones truths about my family my friends but Everytime she showed up in my head I went haywire. I couldn't stand it. Eventually the authorities thought it be good If I learn't to fight. So I began to run, strenthing for whatever comes next, thrown in my path. And It came a time an amazing oppurtunity, to fight in force one, with Gale and Her.

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