Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


1. Chapter one

I thought it was the end. When the walls around me started falling I knew only one person could have caused it. Katniss. She was so silly. She puts others before her. She crumbled the arena at the cost of her life, and my happiness. I wish I was with her now, but I'd only be more upset. Seeing her lifeless body. Her eyes glazed over. Those beautiful grey eyes. After that moment where I was standing still, I never actually realized the chaos around me. Before I knew it I was grabbed, gaged and the world around me went dark.

When I woke up. I was in a room that was white. So white it hurt to look. I looked down at my hands, I was binded to the chair I sat on.

"Peeta Mellark." I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see Ceaser with his purple hair and matching suit. Up until that point I never realized that I changed out of the outfit from the games. I now wore all white, matching with the room. Ceaser never spoke he just handed me cards.

"Peeta we are live in five minutes. You must say this okay? We cant wing it this time." I nodded at the peculiar words he said and finally the binds around my wrists let me free. I thought of running. But I couldn't. Who cares what happens now. Katniss is gone. I looked at the cards and was shocked on what I was going to have to say.

"I have to call for a ceasefire?" I asked glaring at Ceaser. He nodded. But unfortunately I was still confused.

"Howcome?" I queried again.

"Mockingjay rebels. Rebelling more since Miss Everdeen shot the arrow into the sky." He answered. And shook his head. Dread filled my body. Here I am trying to help the rebels but I am going to have to call for a ceasefire. How is this happening? And why to me. Another wave of dread hit my body like a pounding wave hits the sand. Who cares. There is nothing left for me anymore. I steped slowly in the direction Ceaser pointed in. I never looked back.

I looked around the room. I was so used to it it really felt like home.

"So Peeta, what really happened that night?" I looked at the cards slightly memorizing the words.

"I don't really know. I just saw the arena blow to bits by an arrow. Katniss the only talented archer there must of shot it." As I said the words it didn't sound like me. And yea its worring.

"Is there anything you regret?" I only just head the question. I glanced at the cards again.

"I wish it was me." I muttered, "But then again it would be better if it was Finnik or Joanna. Then Katniss would be here now." I was disgusted by the words I was saying. I knew I would never wish to be so selfish.

"Its better I have to say." Ceaser continued, "I mean with Katniss gone the rebels have given up, Right Peeta?" I shook my head

"Actually the rebels are stronger. They believe now they have something worth fighting for." I paused, regretting the next sentence

"Yes Peeta?" Caesar digged deeper.

"I am calling for a ceasefire. I am looking at the survivors of the games, rebels. Stop, before it is too late." I could already hear the people of Panem was shout Traitor. Thats what I felt like. Katniss, wouldn't be happy.

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