Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


4. Chapter four

In my dream, I was running, running from a green smokey monster, pain spreading throughout my body. Beside me was Finnik Odair sprinting, a pained look on his face. I glanced behind me. There was Katniss, running and pulling Mags with her. She had that same smile. The evil one on her face. She glared at me, mouthing 'Keep running'. Then the dispicable happened. She let go of Mags, left her as a sacrifice for the green mist to devour her. This never happened in my second games, but I could of been easily in control of the capitol. Again, the air was unusually shinny. Behind me, Katniss caught up. A smirk imprinted on her face.

"What did you do that for?" She shrugged. I cant control, that anger is bubbling inside of me, like a pot ready to overflow.

"I want to get out Peeta." She whispered, "You know how the games work." I nodded. Still angry at the fact that Mags was gone. Just at that point a shrill scream echoed in the hills. I looked at Katniss. She just shot an arrow. At Finnik.

"KATNISS!!" I screamed, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I could not handle the anger. Rue, Mags, Finnik. I possibly could be next. I've had enough with the Mockingjay. I want rid of the Mockingjay. I HATE the Mockingjay....

I woke with a start, screams echoing in my ears. My dreams must be true, the feel so real. That only means one thing. I have fallen in love with a murderer. But no more. My love has been drained down a plug hole.

"Katniss Everdeen." I whispered, "Enough, is enough." I stood up, my body shaking uncontrollably like I Had been given poison to drink. I walked, I ran, I screamed. But nothing seemed to get rid of the scene repeating over in my head. I couldn't run. I had to fight, take in the fact. I slowly sucked in a breath of air. I let it slip from my grasp, and walked in through the nearest door.........

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