Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


5. Chapter five

I walked through the door at a jog, tried so hard to run from things that I can't run from. The room I found was like a jail. "Peeta!" A shrill scream sounded, echoeing through the room. I tried to focus on the source of the sound. Annie. I walked closer trying to see. 

"Welcome to hell Peeta." Said a voice all to familar. Joanna.

"Hi." I simply said slightly raising my right hand. She was staring at me and wrinkled her nose

"You look horrible."  She said. My hand traced my face, feeling no diffrence

"I see nothing wrong." I responded

"What have you been drinking?" She asked

"Water that snow has been giving me everyday for the past month." She nodded slowly just as music began to play.

"Are you are you coming to the tree, they strung up a man, they say who murdered three." I recognized the voice

"Katniss." I murmured balling my fingers into fists. Her voice was sweet, I almost liked it, but my heart beating faster in my chest telling me I can't handle it.

The lights flickered off, the world darkening, no light to see. Something was happening I could feel it. Alarms sounded and people came running towards me. I horrible smell wafted past my nose and I began to see stars...

I woke up in what looks a hospital. I was sitting on a bed. There was a mirror in front of me my reflection looking back. Who was he though? Red eyes, pale skin and unexplained bruises? It can't be him, it just can't be.

"Peeta?" A soft angelic voice came from behind me, a wave of anger coursing through my veins. Katniss was there standing in front  of me, her eyes were welling up with tears. Mine were not. I felt no emotion except anger and eventually it became to much to hold in.. Way to much... I lunged my hands found her throat and I wanted her gone, I just wanted her to be gone.....

"Peeta please..." She begged. I didn't stop

"PEETA!!" She screamed now out of breath.

"HELP!!!" She screamed and hands ripped me from her, my hands releasing her throat leaving her with dry lips and bloodshot eyes......

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