Zoom: Academy For Superheroes & X-men: Crossover

What happens when the Zenith Team meets the X-men? ~The author of this story doesn't own the X-men or the Zenith Team, they belong to their respectable owners. Starts out with the X-men~


1. Detention Brings Threats

~Bayville, New York, Bayville High School's Detention Room~

I prop my Ariat steel toed cowboy boots up on the desk I was assigned to, staring daggers at the cheerleader three seats away from me.Though most of my friends are mutants no one in this room knew I was one myself. I had turned out more like my father than my mother, in attitude and some looks. I placed my earbuds in each ear, cranking up the rock music that my Chemistry teacher let me listen to since we had a free day. That's when I had received my detention, because of Kaliee, the cheerleader that I'm staring at, started something then blamed it on me. She got in trouble too, but not until our next class together, when she cursed at the teacher.

My empathic power kicks in, causing me to become alert and to stare at the window. I take my left earbud out, my breathing becoming quicker, almost ragged. The other six students, including Kaliee, stare at me, then at the window. I take my boots off the desk, eyeing a broom in the corner of the room. I nod to Tomahawk, then to Sydney.

"Get down," I shout, just as the window shatters, slinging glass everywhere.

I pull the hood of my jacket over my head after quickly grabbing and unscrewing the broom head from the handle. I watch as a man steps through, or rather teleports through the broken window. As I take up a fighting stance, I begin hissing, baring my teeth. The man shakes his head, then begins teleporting around the room, kidnapping the normal students, leaving Tomahawk, Sydney, Kaliee and myself.

"I've been looking for you my dear," the figure says.

"Leave me alone, Father," Kaliee shouts, actually hiding behind me.

"Nyx, I am your father," the figure hisses, "you shall come with me or else!".

"No," Kaliee hisses back, her blonde hair becoming black and her green eyes become a deep violet.

"Just who the hell are you and what the f**k are you doing at my school," I hiss at the 'man' before me.

"None of your damn business, Little Girl," he growls.

Kaliee, Tomahawk and Sydney back up after seeing my make shift bo-staff begin lighting up with kinetic energy. I close my eyes, letting my powers take over. I begin twirling the make shift bo-staff, energy sparking around me, the molecules in the air making cracking and popping noises.

"Daddy, you just pissed off the wrong girl," Kaliee whispers, hiding in a corner with Tomahawk and Sydney.

I run forward, then I use my momentum to kick the man square in the chest, sending him backwards, flying out the window. I follow him, each step I take burning into the grass as I run after him. I chase him out to the football field, where I become out numbered.

The man smirks at me, then nods his head to the others. I open my mouth and let out a banshee scream, a power I accidentally acquired by holding back my friend or rather 'uncle' Sean during a fight with my dad. Everyone but the man I'm chasing and Mystique fall to the ground.

"You're to late, Little One," Mystique soothes, walking towards me.

"Get away from me she-demon," I hiss, pulling a deck of cards from my right boot, setting my bo-staff on the ground beside me.

"Is that anyway to talk to your grandmother, Youngling," the man laughs.

"Azazel," Mystique hisses. 

"AZAZEL," I screech, another banshee scream knocking everyone down.


I turn to see Tomahawk, running down towards us, his claws extending from the backs of his hands. Suddenly I feel something hit me square in the back, coldness creeping into my veins. I halfway turn, seeing Azazel with a smirk on his face and an ice dagger in his left hand and its mate embedded in my back.

I curse Azazel in Latin, my thick Cajun accent shining through as well. As I begin to fall, Azazel, Mystique and the rest of their group vanish. I wait for the impact, but it never comes. I look up and see Tomahawk cradling me. I finally black out as he pulls the ice dagger from my back, tossing it as far away as he can.

"No, Nikki, please!".

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