My two best friends.


After Emily's parents both die in a terrible car crash, she is forced to live with her cousin, Calum.

Once she's there, she meets two guys by the name of Luke and Michael, one thing is, they hate each other.

Emily tries to make them become friends, but it isn't working.

She also meets the other friend of Calum, Ashton. Emily instantly falls in love with him and wants nothing more than for him to love her back. But he's got a girlfriend.

But then, to top that, she thinks she a falling for Michael.
She falls in love with both boys everyday, but she might consider using Michael to get to Ashton.

Hopefully everything goes as she wanted it to be.

(Has swearing and dirty related things, I understand that it has sex and that, but I wanna make it so people can read it, so it's only yellow��)

Please comment, like and fav for me! And also I have another book called,"5SOS Imagines" please go check it out! Thanks for reading!


1. Haaiiiiiii

Hi! I'm Abby and this is my second fan fiction I've written. My first is published and if would mean a lot if you go check it out.

It's called,"5SOS Imagines" please go check it out.

Please enjoy this story! Please tell me if it's any good and any spelling and stuff. And I apologise for anything that you don't understand, I'm Australian and I haven't been to Forever 21 and that.

(ps) this story is 2 years old so dont hate me pls 

insta: @pretty_lester


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