5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


13. Your sick and he takes care of you.

Hi guys quickly authors note before this chapter. I just saw that I now have 2K reads on my book. I COULDN'T THANK YOU MORE!!! I am so happy. It's amazing how a girl like me could make a book with over 2000 people interested, so that means a lot.

I'm so sorry I can't update everyday because I would if I could, me sister is getting internet but I don't know if I can use it so we will see.

And can someone please tell me how to put pictures in my book because it won't work for me.

I'm sorry that these are short because I just started doing all four of them and it's all exciting to me so yeah

(Oh and sorry if the font is different all the time, I don't know how to change that). Thanks!!! -Abby😜😘😄😃

Your sick and he takes care of you.



'Here babe.' Ashton said as he placed a hot bowl of soup in front of you. You carefully took the spoon and sipped it up. (is soup a food or a drink like wtf.)

Ashton sat down next to your feet and smiled. You weakly smiled back and coughed.

Ashton was startled by your sudden cough that he jumped a little. You giggled and had more soup.

'How are you feeling?' Ashton asked, rubbing your foot through the blanket.

'Terrible.' You replied, handing Ashton the empty bowl, which you finished quite quickly.

'You'll be right babe.' He quietly spoke, placing the bowl on the coffee table beside him.

'What do you wanna do now?' He asked, taking your hand and squeezing it.

'Watch movies and cuddle.' You weakly replied, reaching out your arms like a little kid.

He giggled and carefully picked you up, not trying to break your fragile body.

'Avengers?' Ashton asked as he held you bridle style. You nodded and pulled up the blanket that was falling to the floor.


'Luke I'm fine.' You spoke as Luke placed yet another blanket over you and the bed.

'No your not, your sick.' He smiled and ran back down the stairs to grab something.

You shook your head as he came back in with his huge penguin.

'Just for you.' He said in little kid voice, holding it out in front if him.

'Aw thanks.' You whispered, taking it and cuddling into the penguin.

He walked over and laid down beside you. You turned your head towards him and smiled weakly.

He wrapped his hands around your waist and held you tightly. You closed your eyes and smiled.

He pulled away, you whining at the lost of his touch. He quickly moved under the 3 blankets and snuggled close to you.

You moved your head so it was resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

'I hope you get better soon.' He mumbled. You nodded and quickly sneezed.

'Bless you cutie.' You smiled and nodded. You slowly drifted to sleep to the beat of his warm heart.


'Hi guys! I'm taking care of Y/N because she is sick.' Calum said looking towards the camera.

'Y/N say hi!' He said, moving the camera towards you. You pulled the covers over your face and shook your head. 'I probably look like crap.'

'Bullshit, your beautiful all the time.' He said, you peeked your eyes over the blankets to see a goofy smile of Calum's face.

'Cheeky little shit.' You mumbled, unlocking your phone and going on Instagram.

'Im such a great nurse, aren't I?' He asked, turning to look at you.

'Mhh.' You mumbled, liking a few pictures. 'That means yes.'

You laughed and looked at him. 'It means that you cuddle all day, make me tea and make sure that I'm still alive.' You said, siting up.

He smiled and looked back towards the screen. 'So if anyone is sick, uh, I'll come over and make you tea.' He said, laughing at the end. You gave him a confused look but laughed.

'You cutie.' You said, pinching his cheeks. He pouted and slapped your hand away.

'He also makes the cutest forts, he made me one the other day and it was so cozy.' You spoke, croakily. He smiled all goofy at the camera and giggled.

'UGHH!' You yelled, falling back onto your pillows and closing your eyes. Calum practically jumped and leaned over you.

'Are you okay?' He asked. You nodded as he kissed your cheek.

'Im gonna go back to my maid duties now. Byeee!' Calum sang as he ended the video.

'Dont post it.' You mumbled. He looked at you and pressed a button dramatically.

'Too late.' He giggled as you groaned.


'You need anything babe?' Michael asked as soon as he finished his 5th game of FIFA.

'Nah I'm right.' You mumbled, sinking back seeping into his chest. He tightened his grip around your waist with his legs and started the next game.

'I hate being sick.' You said, then groaning. Michael laughed the game and put down the remote.

'I know babe, you'll be better soon.' He said, kissing the top of your head.

'You do know that it's your fault.' He mumbled into your hair.

'No it's not.' You whisper-shouted because of how dry your throat was.

Michael pressed play and continued talking while playing. 'Yeah, your the one who wanted to play in the rain.'

'It seemed fun at the time.' You mumbled, earning a laugh from him.

'FUCK!' He shouted, missing a goal. You smiled and closed your eyes.

He kept on yelling so you opened your eyes and Michael was losing badly.

'Babe, you need to kick from closer in.' You mumbled. He looked down at you. 'Say that again.'

'I said you need to kick from closer in.' You spoke a bit louder.

He took your advise and did what you said. He scored a goal and threw the remote down on the floor.

'Fuck yes.' Michael whispered to himself. You laughed as he picked up the remote and continued playing.

'Thanks babe.' He said, kissing the top of your head.

'No problem.' You mumbled, sniffling and watching Michael play.

After ten minutes of gameplay, Michael had won every game except the last one.

'Its okay babe.' You mumbled, croakily. He pushed his finger to your mouth and sh-ed you.

'Go to sleep babe, sleep will make you feel better.' He said, starting a new game.

You turned to your side and cuddled into Michaels leg. You feel asleep instantly.

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