5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


4. Swimming with Michael

You stood in front of your mirror, constantly moving two bikini tops back and froth, over your dress.

You look at your phone to find a text from Michael, your boyfriend.

'The blue one babe;) see you soon:)' You had texted Michael for help choosing which bikini.

You smiled and got changed into your blue bikini and put your blue dress back over it.

You grab your beach bag and sit on your porch steps.

10 minutes later, you see a car pull up and Michael hops out. He walks over to you and opens his harms for a hug.

'Hey sexy.'He says as you smile. He leans down and gently kisses you. He leaves your lips and gently kisses your neck.

'Hey, little excited are we?' You ask. You both laugh as pouts.He pulled you in for a hug, again.

'I just missed you so much.' He mumbles.

'Michael, it's been 3 days.'You state.

'Seems like forever.' He mumbles in your hair. You smile and walk over to his car, hand in hand.

Once you arrived at the beach, you grabbed your bag and walked together down to the sand.

You place your towel out in the sand next to Mikeys, and lay down and relax.

'Aren't you gonna take your dress off?' You hear Michael say. You open your eyes to find Michael blocking out the sun. You blush as he smiles.

He lays next to you, being held up by his right elbow, staring at you.

He leans in, about to kiss you. You close your eyes and wait for his soft lips to reach yours.

But not using common sense, Michael spills water all over your face. You sit up to see Michael shirtless with an empty water bottle in his hand.

Nice sight to see.

'Oh, your fucking dead!' You yelled, as you chased him into the water, taking off your dress while doing it.

Michael ran up to you and put you over his shoulder.

'PUT ME FUCKING DOWN!' You screamed, hitting his back.

'How about, no?' Michael asked, but it came out more like a question. He put you gently in the water and smiled at you. You stood there, shivering a little.

'Michael!' You screamed at him after a minute. He was staring at your body in the blue bikini he chose.

'I knew that was the best one.' He said and you laughed.

'Even though your a dick, your still adorable.' You said, placing a hand on his cheek.

'I don't wanna be adorable.' You heard him mumble. You laughed as he moved your hand away from his cheek.

Without warning, he grabbed your arm and pulled you under.

You gasped at the sudden moment under water, also considering that the water was freezing cold.

He pulled you down and forced his lips on yours. You smiled as he wrapped your legs around himself.

You came above the water, and he laid his forehead against yours.

'I love you so much.' Michael whispered in your ear, sending shivers through your back.

'I would love you, but you got me all wet.' You smiled as you moved around to his back.

He carried you onto land, and placed you down in your towel.

'Now,'You started as he laid himself on his elbows. ' I believe you owe me a kiss?' You asked, trying to act sweet.

'When did I owe you that?' Michael answered with a smart ass comment.

You smiled to your self and just laid there.

'I love you Y/N.' You heard Michael say.

'Love you too.'

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