5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


19. Rainy day beach walk with Calum

(this is so short and shitty so sorry next chapter will be long love you guys. HAVE YOU HEARS SHES KINDA HOT ITS SO GOOD OKAY BYEE)

Rainy day beach walk with Calum.


'I WANT TO WANT ME, AND IF YOU WANT,' You and your boyfriend, Calum sung at the top of your lungs.

'LIKE GIRL YOU GOT ME!' You laughed together as you sing along to your favourite song at the moment.

'Oh god I love that song.' You said while looking over to your boyfriend who was driving.

'Yeah.' He said, looking strangely at the road in front of him. 'It doesn't look that nice, maybe we can go home and cuddle.' He said, quickly glancing at you with a smile.

You watched as the rain clouds started to darken. 'No, we can wait until it rains, I love walking in the rain.' You said, while Calum pulled up next to the beautiful bright sand. He stopped the car and gathered his things.

You grabbed your sweater and put it over your bikini top, picking up your phone and hopping out of the car.

Calum got out after you and locked the car, chucking the keys in his pocket.

'Lets go.' He said, smiling hugely. You returned the smile and the two of you walked down to the sand.

You looked forward at the dark, Greg clouds above you. Further down the water, there was fog and probably rain, waiting to pour down.

You felt Calum's warm hand touch yours and he laced your fingers together. You gently squeezed his hand and smiled towards the ground.

You both reached half way between the water and the shore, and started to walk up the beach.

'So, what are we gonna do for the rest of the break?' You asked, looking over to Calum and seeing the grey-blue ocean behind him.

'I dunno, maybe we can go bowling, or we can go swimming with the boys.' He said with a sparkle in his eyes.

'Maybe we can get a pet? Please?' He laughed while begging. He always had a smile when he talked about animals.

'Can we get a puppy?' He said a bit o loud. You laughed, threw your head back and looked at him.

'Maybe.' You teased. He looked like his head broke.

'I didn't say no.' You said. He smiled and pecked your cheek.

You two walked in silence, enjoying it. You could faintly hear the sounds of cars and seagulls flying around.

'Come here.' He whispered, pulling your waist closer to him. He took a good grip on your waist and lifted you up while grunting.

He placed you on his shoulders and took a hold of your knees.

He continued walking along the beach until it started to spit with rain.

'See, here comes the rain.' You mumbled, looking up with Calum at the dark clouds.

It's started to rain even harder as he turned around and walk back to the car.

'Oh shit.' He mumbled, looking up at the pouring rain. He ran, holding your legs tighter and running to the car.

You screamed and laughed at how fast he ran.

He ran to the car and quickly unlocked it. He dropped you on the ground and both of you quickly jumped in the car.

'Oh my god.' He panted, whipping water from his forehead.

You laughed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

'Go home?' You said, as he nodded.

He kissed your forehead and smiled.

'Yeah, that was fun.'

'Yeah, I love you Cal.' You whispered as he started the car.

'Love you too.'

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