5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


3. Picnic with Ashton

You grabbed your handbag and sat at the front steps. You grabbed your phone to find Ashton's text.

"See you soon. xoxo" It said. You smiled and waited. 10 minutes later, you see a familiar car pull up at your house.

It was Ashton's car. The door opened and Ashton came out if the car.

He smiled at you and you smiled back. He's looking beautiful, as always.

He come up and pulls you into a hug. You smile against his chest. He pulled away and kissed you.

"Ready?" He asked. You nodded and walked over to his car with him by your side.

After 10 minutes, you arrive at your local park. Ashton quickly hops out of the car to open your door.

"Thank you my good sir." You said and you both laughed. He grabbed the picnic basket out of the back seat and you walked, hand in hand, to the park.

You reached the park and Ashton put down your rug. You sit down and pat the spot next to you for Ashton to sit in.

"Hey babe?" Ashton asked. You looked at him.

"Mmh?" You asked through a mouthful of Ashton's sandwiches. Ashton made the BEST food ever.

"You remember when we were little like that?" He asked, sighing.

"Yeah, I do." You stared at about 4 12 year olds running around, goofing off anywhere.

You and Ashton were friends since you two were 11. You had the best friendship, but then that turned into love.

"Well, just cause were teenagers, doesn't mean we can't have fun, come on!" He said. He got up and ran towards the park. You laughed as he stood there, pouting.

"Ok." You agreed. You got up on your hands and ran over to Ashton. He picked you up and carried you over his shoulder.

"ASHTON! STOP!"' You screamed. He laughed and kept walking. You reached a rock climbing wall and he put you down.

"Well, thanks for that, you ruined my hair." You pouted, fixing your hair. He laughed and took off his flannel to reveals is sleeveless black top. He looks so sexy.

"Come on!" He said. You laugh and start to climb up the wall.

You take off your shoes and start to climb. Ashton takes your hand the whole way to the top. Once your there, you sit next to Ashton, your head on his shoulder.

"Babe." Ashton asked. You looked into to beautiful eyes.

"Mmh?" You asked. He said nothing and leaned in to kiss you. You smiled against his lips. You never wanted this to end.

This was the best day ever.

You pull away and smile. He puts his head in your shoulder and says,

"I love you, Y/N." You smile.

"I love you too."

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