5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


17. Painting with Luke

Painting with Luke (I've had this idea in my head for so long and now I'm writing it omg)


Painting wit luke

'What colour do you want to start with?' Your boyfriend, Luke asked, pointing to the bucket full of paint filled balloons.

'Pink.' You said quickly, pulling your white shirt over your bikini top.

'You love pink.' He said, picking up a blue balloon.

'I adore pink.' You said. You both laughed and got ready to throw.

'On three.' 'One, two,' He started.

'THREE!' You both yelled at the same time.

You both put all your power into the throw, ending up with two big blotches on the canvas.

'Nice.' He said, smiling and picking up a green balloon.

'You too babe.' You smiled and picked up a red balloon.

You both continued to throw balloons on the canvas.

By now you had a rainbow blotchy canvas hanged to the side of your house.

'Oh look!' Luke shouted, getting your attention.

'Its pink! OH EM GEY!!!' He shouted, shaking his hands and holding the balloon on his cheek.

You picked up a orange balloon and threw it at his stomach, leaving a huge orange mark on his white shirt.

'Oh shut up.' You said, running your fingers through your hair.

All of a sudden, you feel a thud against your boobs.

You looked down, gasped over dramatically and looked at him, with your hands still over your head.

'Its on.' You stated, grabbing a hand full of balloons and ran back further.

He did the same thing and went straight in. He threw a blue balloon that landed on the left side of your shorts.

You screamed once you felt it and threw a green one. He laughed as it hit his chest. He threw two pink balloons and watched them fly towards you.

'OH LOOK ITS PINK!' He shouted, laughing harder. You threw a black balloon that landed on his shoes.

'Wait, stop.' He said, leaning over, with a hand full of balloons still in his hand, held onto his knee and laughed harder than ever.

'ITS NOT FUNNY!' You yelled playfully and sneakily threw a purple balloon at his back.

'HEY!' He yelled, still while laughing, stood straight and threw a balloon at your stomach.

You laughed as you ran behind him, quick quickly. He hit you with a few balloons but you ignored them.

You picked up a paintbrush you grabbed before you started and ran around the back of the house, without him noticing.

You quietly popped the red balloon on the paintbrush and ran back out to see that Luke has done the same thing.

'I saw you.' He said.

'I can tell.' You stated, running over with the paintbrush in front of you.

Your brush came in contact with hit lips before you could tell he did the smell thing.

'OK , OK!' You yelled, using your hands to block your face.

'Ok, I'll stop. You know why I wanted to do that to your beautiful face?' He asked, dropping the paintbrush on the floor.

You smiled and nodded. 'To do this.' You cocked your head, but he quickly kissed your lips.

He pulled away and stared at your lips, biting his.

'WE MADE PURPLE!' He yelled, picking you up around your waist and spinning you around while you laughed.

He put you down and stared at the canvas.

'I love it.' He said, looking impressed.

'I love you.' You said, smiling and looking back at him.

'Love you too babe.'

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