5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


7. Night walking with Ashton

'And then they covered me in whipped cream.' Ashton said, the both of you laughed.

You were walking down the beach with your boyfriend, Ashton, as he was just telling you how the boys in his band pranked him.

As it was night, you shivered and held the sides of your arms.

'Cold babe?' Ashton asked, stopping where he was. You nodded and smiled.

'Here.' He said, handing you his flannel around his waist. You smiled and kissed his cheek as you put in the flannel.

'Thanks babe.' You said, kissed his cheek and continued walking.

You felt a hand grab tightly at yours. Smiling, you knew it was Ashton's hand.

'You know what's crazy?' Ashton asked, looking out at the ocean.

'What baby?' You asked.

Ashton turned to look at you and smiled.

'The fact that, we were friends ever since 4th grade.' You sighed happily and smiled. He looked straight and kept walking.

'Thats when I realised what love is.' You said. Ashton looked at you and smiled ear to ear.

'And that's when I fell in love.' Ashton said. You blushed and looked at your feet.

'And I've loved you ever since.' You said. He smiled and intwined your fingers tightly.

Unexpectedly, Ashton picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

'ASHTON! PUT ME DOWN!' You yelled. He giggled and ran across the beach.

Yes, he giggled. That one of your favourite things about him.

'ASHTON!' You screamed again. He giggled again and put you down.

'God Ash, your gonna ruin my hair.' You said, slapping his arm. He smiled and held your hand.

'But that's why you love me.' He said. You laughed and came closer to him.

After about 15 more minutes of walking, you spotted a bunch of pillows sitting near the water.

'Ash.' You said. He didn't answer so you held his hand tighter as said his name again.

'Mhh?' He asked, turning his head towards you.

'Look at that,' You said. 'Whoever brought that is very lucky.' You finished.

Ashton looked at you and smiled from ear to ear. You stood there confused, then got what he meant.

'You did not!' You yelled. He giggled and nodded.

'Oh my god, I love you so much!' You yelled, throwing your hands around his neck.

He laughed and wrapped his hands around your waist. He picked you up ad walked over to the pillows.

He placed you down as you got comfy. He sat down ext to you and smiled.

'Come here.' He said. You put your head on his chest and laid down. He held tightly around your waist.

'Im like the luckiest girl in the world right now.' You said, staring into the ocean.

'That's cause you are.' He said. You turned around to face his beautiful green eyes.

'Ash, this is beautiful.' You said, looking back into the ocean.

'Yeah.' Was all he said. You looked at him and smiled.

Ashton leaned in and kissed you. He pulled away and smiled.

'I love you Y/N.' He said. You laid your head into his chest and closed your eyes.

'I love you too.'

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