5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


5. Lazy day with Luke

Hey guys! I realised that writing this Michaels chapter, had no talking marks.(I can't remember the real name) could you comment on how to fix it? I could see them the other day tho. And I just realised that I could use the one line marks, which I will go back and edit the whole chapter, FOR YOU GUYS! Thank you for reading.



You wake up, sighing happily. It's the weekend and your home alone for the weekend.

You get out of bed and walk downstairs, dialling your boyfriend, Luke's number.

After 3 rings, he picks up.

'Hey baby.' He speaks. You smile and play with your free hand.

'Hey, you wanna come over?' You get up and walk over to your drawer.

'Yeah, I'll be over in ten, see you soon Y/N.' He says.

'K, see you soon.' You answer then the line goes dead.

You pick out your black 'Christmas sweater' design leggings and a grey sweater.

Ten minutes pass as you put a pile of movies on the floor in front of your TV, with blankets and pillows on the couch, and to top that, with popcorn and other snacks.

You say down on the couch, just to get back up to answer the door.

You opened it to Luke with his black backpack.

'Hey.' He said, and opened his arms for you.

You hugged him and pulled away.

'What, no kiss?' Luke asked.

'Just about to say that.' You answered, and leaned in to kiss him.

You smiled into your kiss and pulled away.

'Wow, you dressed nice.' He joked. You laughed and smiled.

'Well, thank you.' You bowed and he picked you up bridal style.

'LUKE, PUT ME DOWN!' You screamed.

'Alright.' He said, and chucked you on the couch. You groaned in pain.

He laughed as he sat next to your groaning body.

You sat up and he grabbed your arm and laid down.

Your legs were wrapped around his torso, his arms around your waist and yours around his body.

'What do you want to watch first?' You heard Luke say after a few minutes of cuddling.

'The Fault in our Stars?' You asked, looking into his ocean blue eyes.

'Really?' He whined. You laughed and nodded your head.

'Fine.' He gave in. You got up and put the movie in.

You sat back down in the position you were in before.

Instead of watching the movie, the two of you just stared into each other's eyes and talked about pointless things, while eating the food you prepared.

'Lukey?' You asked, after a while of staring into them ocean blue eyes of his.

'Yeah?' He asked, in his beautiful Australian accent.

'Do you wanna go outside?' He looked outside and nodded.

You got up as Luke followed, holding your hand. You turned around in front of the back door and kissed him. You felt him smile as he pulled away and hugged you.

'Lets go.' You say after a while.

The two of you went out the backdoor and laid on the grass.

One of your arms were around his body, the other playing with his hand. He had his hand lazily laying on top of your thigh.

As you two stared into the stars, his voice spook up.

'Y/N?' He asked. You nodded against his chest so he could feel it.

'Do you know how much I love you?'

'Tell me.' You said.

'Count all the stars.' You smiled at his cute saying.

'Theres infinity stars in this universe.' You said, feeling your cheeks heat up.

'Exactly. That's how much I love you.' He said. You smiled widely and looked into his eyes.

'I love you infinity too.'

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