5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


6. Interview with Michael and the boys

'Helping the boys write the album was really fun, yeah.' You said. The interviewer nodded.

You were In a interview with your boyfriend, Michael and his band, 5 seconds of summer.

'Ok, well how about your new music video? For good girls?' The interviewer asked.

'Yeah, that was so fun to make.' Calum said. You smiled and nodded.

'I wasn't there cause I was sick.' You pouted as Mark laughed a little.

'Yeah, the best park was,' Luke said, looking over at Ashton.

'Um, it was the jail photo shot thing.' Ashton finished for him. You all nodded.

You got lost in your own thoughts. You were scared that they were gonna ask about your relationship with Michael.

'Y/N?' Michael asked.

'Mmhh?' You asked, turning your head towards him.

He nodded in direction of the interviewer as the boys laughed

'Your relationship?' He asked. You caught name in his name tag. Mark.

'Well, um.' You started as the all laughed.

'We've been together for about 5 months now.' Michael said, taking your hand in his. You smiled at him and he returned.

"Awwwww!" All the girls in the crowd yelled. You blushed as Michael kissed you cheek.

'Yeah, it's been great having Y/N in the house with us. She can actually cook because we can't.' Calum said as we all started laughing.

'Im not your cafeteria lady.' You said as they all laughed harder.

'Yeah, she also helps us write songs for the album, like we said before.' Michael said. You looked at him and smiled. He turned and smiled back and places his hand on your thigh.

'Is that necklace from him?' Mark asked. You looked at your heart necklace that had you and Michaels first letter of your name engraved in it.

'Yeah , it is.' You smiled, playing with the necklace.

'Well, are you excited for tour?' Mark asked. You had wide eyes and your mouth was open. He never told you about tour.

'What tour?' You blurted out before anyone could say anything.

'He never told you?' Mark asked. You shook your head and gave a death glare at the boys. They laughed at your fail at being mad.

'They're touring with One Direction through May to October.' Mark said.

'Thanks for telling me boys.' You said with sarcasm.

'Sorry we didn't tell you. We were waiting until the right time.' Ashton said as they all nodded.

'Anyway,' Luke said, getting back to the question. 'We are very excited.'

The boys went on with talking about tour, while you not talking, taking everything in.

'Thank you, this is 5 Second of Summer everyone!' Mark yelled, snapping you out of your thoughts.

Everyone yelled and cheered as Michael grabbed your hand and you all walked outside to the car.

'I was gonna ask you today actually.' Michael started. 'I was gonna ask if you wanted to come.'

You turned your head to face Michaels.

'Of course.' You said. He stopped walking and laid his forehead on yours.

'I love you so much.' He said, and leaned in and kissed you.

'I love you too.'

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