5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


20. Dear Alexis

(this one made me so emotional sorry I'm doing more of these)

(I know I said I wasn't doing requests, but my friend had this idea for me to write ever since I started this book, so I thought it's the perfect time since thIS BOOKS GOT 18K I LOVE UOU ALL DO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH)

Dear Alexis....l.r.h




Dear Alexis....

It's been a year, Alexis, a year. A year since you gave up on our love. Us. A year since you packed up and left. A year since you threw our marriage away, but it was all my fault. I regret everything I ever did to make you leave. I still have no clue how I ever lived without you. I remember our first date, first kiss, first time we meet, I never forgot. I remember our first date, at that restaurant you always loved. I still go there to this day. I sit in the same seat I sat in on our first date, and imagine you still there. It sounds so dumb, but I still remember what dish you had. A simple salad. Every time I go there I get that same dish. Every time I get home from there, I lay down on your side of the bed. I still even remember why you left, all because of me. My silly mistake that cost me the love of my life. It was two and a half weeks after I moved in with you in our own apartment. Nice area, friendly neighbour hood, it was perfect. Until I screwed everything up. I was home early from work and was laying on the couch, scrolling on my twitter feed. Looking at all of the fans tweets saying how amazing our band is and how much they love us and you. Every hour or so, I would get a dm from a billion different fans. But this time was different. I checked who it was, just another fan. I don't know why, but I responded. I responded, and it was the worst mistake of my life. She texted back straight away. We had a long conversation, until she asked if we wanted to meet up. She wanted to meet up at a bar. I still don't know if I was drunk or something, but I said yes. I got up, got ready and left. Without telling you. I got there and waited for her. As soon as she saw me, she ran up to me and attacked me. She got pictures and autographs and that. Then we went inside and had a few drinks. You know I don't even drink. We started to dance as the hours fell fast. You just thought I was home late. We were both drunk and horny, so she dragged my out the bar and to the nearest hotel. We got a room for overnight and nearly tripped walking to the elevator. As the doors closed, she grabbed my face and kissed me. She made out with me for the 20 seconds we were in the elevator. As soon as we stepped out, you called. 'Where are you babe? We were gonna have a movie night.' You answered, sounding disappointed. I didn't know if I should lie, or just come home. Then my life took the worst turn. 'Oh, I had to work late and I thought I'll just say in a hotel until tomorrow.' I closed my eyes while saying that, hoping you would believe. You sighed and said ok. You even said that you loved me, I just said 'k' and ended the call. She took my phone and put it in her bag. Se then dragged me into the hotel and I fucked her. Yes, I did fuck her, but I was drunk and so was she and that's what happened. She couldn't even walk properly the next morning. I woke up with a headache, next to her. Then I realised, she's like 17. I was no longer drunk and realised what I had done. I shot up out of bed and ran home. I didn't take a bus or anything. I ran home. For you. You threw a million questions at me at once. I told you every answer like I had prepared them. You doubted every word I said. You forgave me for not coming home and kissed me. That was the last time I got a taste of your lips. During the day, I left home to go get some food. I left my phone at home. It started rig I g so you picked it up. 'Luke, you won't believe what I just found out.' You, didn't know who it was and was getting angry fast, spoke quickly. 'Found out what?' 'Who's this?' She said, hoping that the word 'girlfriend' wouldn't come out of her mouth. 'His girlfriend.' You said quickly. 'Oh, well he got me pregnant, if you wanted to know.' Furiously you asked for the whole story and that's what you got. I still feel like a absolute dick for this. You hung up and started to pace around the lounge room. As soon as I came in the door, you stormed up to me and yelled straight at me. 'So, heard your now gonna be a dad!' I automatically knew what you mean. 'With some other bitch!' You yelled at me, consistently smacking me in the chest, and swaying your hands everywhere. 'That's it.' You stated and walked to my room. Your room. Our room. You grabbed all your stuff and packed it away. 'No no no please babe.' I kept repeating, pulling your arms. 'NO!' You grabbed your keys and walked right out of that door. Right out of my life. I couldn't feel myself breathing. Usually, the girl cries after a break up. All I did was cry. The guys theirs to help and tell me it's okay, but I faked a smile Te whole time. Well, 9 months later, little baby Alice was born. She is the most gorgeous little baby I've seen. Too bad it's not your baby. It was fun to help raise Alice until she cheated on me. I got overly angry and stormed out on you. Now she won't let me see Alice. I just want to see you again. I miss you so much. Me and the boys are working on the second album, so you haven't been on my mind for a while. Also Ashton for a new girlfriend, and she's gorgeous. She has your eyes and your skin. She's really nice and loves all of us. She makes me think you of so much. You also posted a picture on Instagram saying, 'I hope you miss this because I have someone better' The picture was of you in a really sexy dress. I just miss you soooooo much. I just wanna let you know that I love you and I always will. Xxx


(ps. its been like year since ive been on here wtf 😂)


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