5SOS imagines

Here is a bunch of 5SOS imagines! Enjoy!
(Includes 1D and 5SOS)
Also has swearing if you wanted to know. ;)


10. Cooking with Calum

'Babbbbeeee,' You whined to your boyfriend, Calum. You heard him groan from the lounge room and walk into the kitchen.

'What.' He asked blankly. He walked up to you and placed his hands around your waist, staring into your eyes.

'Im bored.' You said, going onto your tippy toes to kiss his nose. He scrunched up his eyes and smiled. You fell back onto your feet and he opened his eyes.

'You look sexy wearing my clothes.' He said, smirking. You looked down at what you were wearing, which was Calum's black sweater and booty shorts. You were also wearing his SnapBack.

'Thanks, can we do something?' You asked, wrapping your hands around his neck.

He smirked and picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist.

You laughed as he pushed your back into the counter wall and started to kiss you hungrily.

You tilted your head and ran your hands through his hair. He ran his hands down to your waist and just above your arse.

He pulled away and started to kiss your collarbone. You pulled his hair which made him moan.

He quickly squeezed your arse as you gasped. You pushed his chest away and gasped dramatically.

'How dare you.' You said, fixing up your SnapBack. He laughed and kissed your forehead.

'Wanna cook?' He asked, looking through the cupboards.

'Hell yeah.' I said, jumping down from the counter. 'What are we gonna cook? Pancakes, French toast.' You trailed, leaning against the counter.

'Cupcakes?' He asked, taking out the packet of cupcake mix he brought earlier.

'YAY!' You shouted and kissed his cheek. He smiled and closed the cupboards.

'Ill get everything.' You said, opening the cupboards and taking out a big bowl. You also took out the mixers and the cupcake tin.

'Eggs?' Calum asked from the table. You quickly opened the fridge and got out 2 eggs.

'Check.' You said, placing them on the counter. 'Milk?' He asked.

You grabbed the milk out of the fridge. 'Check.' 'Oil?' 'Already got that.' You said, holding up the oil.

'My sexy girlfriend?' He asked, smirking.

'Calum, I'm pretty sure Luke's at his house.' You said, trying to hold in laughter but failed.

'Ha ha very funny.' He said, getting up and wrapping his hands around your waist. You smiled put your lips to his ear.

'LETS START COOKING!' You yelled, making him tumble backwards with his ear covered.

'Damn babe, I thought you would say something really sexy.' He pouted and opened the cupcake mix.

'Nope.' You said, cracking the eggs and putting them in the bowl.

He came over and put the milk and cupcake mix in the bowl. You put in the oil and put the rubbish in the bin.

'Calum, your a man, do this for me.' You asked, holding up the mixer and the mixing sticks.

'Ugh, okay.' He said, clicking them in place and plugging the cord in the wall plug.

You carefully turned it on and place it knot the bowl, holding it tightly.

Calum wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your shoulder.

'Caluuummm.' You whined. 'Your distracting me.'

'Good.' He mumbled against your skin. You smiled and kept your focus.

All of a sudden, Calum moved the bowl so the mixer hit the sides, flicking cupcake mix all over you and Calum, plus the walls.

You gasped while turning the mixer off, putting it down and looking down at your cupcake mix covered sweater. Calum pulled back and did the same thing.

'Calum! Look what you did!' You yelled playfully at him, putting your hand on your hip.

'Sorry babe.' He mumbled, kissing you cutely. He pulled back and looked at the cupcake mix all over your face.

He locked the tip of your nose, you scrunched up your nose and smiled.

'Lets just put these in the oven and then we can make out.' You said, turning around and started putting the mix into the tins.

Calum jumped up onto the counter beside you and watched your every movement.

You opened the oven and sled the tin in, closing it up. You turned the nobs and walked over to Calum.

You stood between his legs and got up on your tippy toes and licked his cheek. He smiled and quickly kissed your lips.

He pulled your waist up so you were straddling him. You smiled and wrapped your hands around his waist.

His hands moved down to your arse and squeezed it. You pulled back and laughed.

He quickly cupped your cheeks and kissed you deeply. You tugged on his hair, making him moan.

You pulled away and pecked his nose. He scrunched up his nose and smiled.

You laid your forehead against his and smiled. 'I love you so much Y/N.'

'I love you so much too.'

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