They Swooped Us Off Our Feet

There are two girls, Maddison and Alexis who are twins. Then um stuff happens but I wouldn't want to ruin it for you ! ;)

Just so you know there are two of us writing this fanfic


1. The Very Beginning

Maddison's POV

There was three weeks till prom and I still have no one to go with. I really am not into any guys I know. Alex, my twin, approaches me from behind. "Hey Maddi."

"Hi. How's it going?"

"I got asked to prom..."

"By who?"

"Umm..." Alex stops speaking. She starts to chew her hair.

"Alex? Who asked you?"

"Charlie..." She mumbles.

"Sorry, who?"

"Charlie. Charlie asked me." I giggle.

"You guys would make a cute couple. Haha. You didn't say yes though, did you?"

"I did." She smiles a bit.

"CHARLIE?" Why?!" I say whilst laughing. She shrugs.

"Not like I can do better." I give her a shove.

"Yes you can. Charlie is shorter than you." I insist.

"Yeah, well I don't think I'll be asked by someone else anyway. I don't have a crush on any guys in our school, so it doesn't matter anyway. Charlie is my friend so it's not like it'll be all like romantic." I felt sad that all my life I have dreamed of prom to be so perfect. "You know I kind of wanted to do to what kids do after prom this year." She says blushing.

"You're willing to lose your virginity?" I ask.

"Well, yeah. I'm ready... I guess." I laugh.

"If you're ready, then I'm ready." She grins. Charlie walks up to Alex. "Helloooo assholes." Alex rolls her eyes.

"Excuse me Charlie, I don't think there's space for that kind of language." She jokes.

"Whatever. So at prom..." He starts

"Yeah?" Alex says. Charlie puts his hand on her shoulder making Alex flinch a bit. "Make sure you wear something sexy for me." He jokes. "Um FOR you?" Alex can get a bit of an attitude when it comes to Charlie. "I'm kidding haha."

"You better be!" She says as she glares at him.


Alexis' POV

I lie next to Maddi on my double bed. We're sharing earplugs listening to Amnesia. "You like 5 Seconds of Summer?" I ask.

"Yeah." She replies.

"Would say you like them more than One Direction?"

"Haha no." I smile. "When did you ever stop being a directioner?" She asks. "I wouldn't say I'm not a directioner... Well I would, but I mean it's not like I don't like them, I'm just not as crazy for them as I used to be." I explain.

"Why not?"

"I just have a hard time focussing on 2 bands at a time. 5SOS is my favourite band." Maddi nods her head.

"It's a shame though that their fandoms are fighting and you like 5SOS, I like One Direction and we're just here like in the middle of it." I laugh when she says this. The chorus of Amnesia starts and we both start to sing "I WISH THAT I COULD WAKE UP WITH AMNESIA, AND FORGET ABOUT THE STUPID LITTLE THINGS. LIKE THE WAY IT FELT TO FALL ASLEEP NEXT TO YOU, AND THE MEMORIES I NEVER CAN ESCAPE. CUZ I'M NOT FINE AT ALL." We start to giggle. Maddi grabs a pen and and writes 'Harry Styles' on her arm. She sighs. "What's the matter Maddi?"

"It's just I like REALLY like Harry."

"Yeah, well I really like Luke. Luke Hemmings."

"Aw, yeah. He's cute." She says while tracing the pen on her hand with her finger. Our mom bursts into my room. "Maddison, Alexis time to go to bed." We slowly get up, off of our backs and go to the bathroom. Each night before we go to bed, we just look in the mirror for a bit to find ways to tell us apart. Maddi has always had a bit of yellow around her pupil in her eye next to the dark-ish blue. I have dark blue on the outside and it goes lighter blue as it gets closer to the pupil. Maddi has red streaks in her strawberry blonde hair, as she had dyed it. I have lavender purple at the very ends of my hair fading away upwards to blonde. We brush our teeth and go to bed.


Maddison's POV

I jump on Alex. I shake her trying to wake her up. "Alex! Alex!!!! Wake up!!!" Her eyelids slowly lift. "What." She mumbles. It's her first word she's spoken today so it's hard to understand her. "I actually found Luke's email."

"Ok now get off me. We gotta get ready for school. It's Tuesday."

"No... it's Saturday."

"Oh yeah... Wait, what was it you said to me?"

"I said I found Luke's email!"

"WHAT?" Alex fans her eyes with her hands. "Oh my god I'm crying." She laughs.


"Shhh don't swear so loud! Mom will be angry!" She says. We run over to my room which is write next to Alex's. Giggling, we get my laptop. "Are you sure it's him?"

"Yeah I'm sure!" I open up emails. Alex grabs my laptop out of my hands and clicks 'New Email' "What should we say?" She asks. I lean over and start to type.

Hey there Lukey Pukey

We both crack up. "No! That's too creepy!" She insists. She deleted what I wrote and replaced it with


"Oh yeah, cuz that's way less creepy." I say while laughing.

"Well he's my imaginary boyfriend! I decide what to write!"

"Alex you're weird ass perv!"

"I know..." She says blushing.

"What if we like... asked Luke and Harry to prom?" We both start laughing so hard at the idea. So hard we were just clapping like retarded seals with no noise coming out of our mouth. "Yeah ok!"

"No! Don't actually ask them!" I try to steal my laptop back, but Alex manages to get it out of reach (being an inch taller than I am). "Damnit Alex! I will be taller than you! I swear!"

"Aha! You keep trying!" She taps on the keyboard. "At least let me read it?" I ask.

"Mkay, sure." She puts the laptop down. At the same time both of us start reading.

Dear Luke,

So I found your email and I was like "Oh shit I gotta email Luke." I just wanted to say I'm so proud of you, and can me and my sister go to prom with you and Harry?

The letter goes on to say what school we go to and when it is. "Yeah, I deleted the first part. Didn't want to come on too strong." She says.

"Cuz asking a stranger to prom isn't coming on too strong." I say.

"But what if... they said yes?" I give Alex a push.

"Be realistic." I laugh. "They probably won't even reply." Alex looks down at the computer screen and nods.

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