They Swooped Us Off Our Feet

There are two girls, Maddison and Alexis who are twins. Then um stuff happens but I wouldn't want to ruin it for you ! ;)

Just so you know there are two of us writing this fanfic


2. He emailed back

Luke's POV

I go on my computer to check my emails. It comes up with 1 new email from an email address I hadn't seen before. I read it. The email makes me smile. Maybe I should Skype Harry and tell him about it. I open up Skype and call. "Hey, Luke." Harry says.

"Harry I got an email from some girls. They asked us to prom!" I say laughing. "To prom? Read the email." Harry says. I read the email to him. "That's cute!" He says after I finish reading. "So you want to go?" I ask while laughing.

"Yeah, Luke I don't know."

"You're coming to Australia soon right?"

"Yeah, but we don't even know what they look like! They could probably just be kidding you know..."

"You're right." I say. I start to type an email back.

Alexis' POV

Maddi and I get back from school. We have been joking about that silly email that we sent to Luke Hemmings and Harry Styles all day. Maddi was saying

"We should not have sent that email. My chances of marrying Harry is even slimmer." Maddi moans.

"It's not like you would have married him anyway" I insist.

"Alex let me dream a little here." We get inside and jump on my bed talking about what we love about 5SOS and 1D and saying how many kids we would have with them. All of a sudden we hear a ding from the laptop that sat at the other side of the room. We both looked at each other. I get off the bed and run to make sure I would get there first "OMG it's them!" I scream. "It's who?" Maddi asks. "Who do you think? It's my future husband!" I cry.

"Why would Charlie be emailing you?" Maddi jokes.

"It's Luke and Harry!"

"What ever!" She says in disbelief

"It is! Hurry up and get over here!" I cheer. "Just remember even if they say they can't make it THEY STILL EMAILED US! Oh my gosh I don't want to read it." I say. Maddi reaches over and steals the laptop off me and runs to the bed so I can't get it back. "Well what does it say?" I ask. Maddi's eyes widen. "Alex come over here. Oh my gosh." I jump on the bed and direct my eyesight to the laptop. I start to read.

Hi it's Luke,

So I read your letter and read it to Harry too. We would like to go to prom with you, but we don't even know what you look like or your names.

I start to laugh. "What are you laughing about?" Maddi asks.

"Let's just tell them our names and send them a picture! Bam! We've got some prom dates!" Maddi, without saying anything, makes a new email and starts to type.

Hey Luke,

Ok so our names are Maddison and Alexis. Here is a picture of us:

Maddi imports a selfie we took while we were in the mall.

The one with the purple shirt is Maddi, and the other one is Alex. PS WE LOVE YOU!

She pressed send. "Um... The last part?" I say.

"I am willing to take a risk!" She cheers.Maddison's POV

After about 10 minutes we hear another ding at the laptop "Looks like we got an email." Alex cheers "Looks like it..." I say nervously "Why are you so nervous?" Alex asks "I just... oh, who cares? Let's read this email!" I yell cheerfully. I slowly start to lift the lid of my laptop up and then I see that the email is from Luke and Harry I click on it and start reading it aloud so Alex can hear me too.

Hey Maddi and Alex,

I'm so sorry. I just found out Harry's flight lands the day after your prom night, but maybe next time. Thanks for the invite.

Alex looks down. She looks really upset. "Well at least we got an email from the two hottest guys in the world!" I announce "Anyway, we have prom to look forward to it is tomorrow" I say.

"Oh yeah, we have to get our prom dresses after school tomorrow" Alex says.

"Are you ok?" I ask placing my hand on her back. She shrugs.

"No, not really."

"It's ok, I'm sure we'll meet them another time." I say. Alex nods.

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