The Dream Book

Jacob is a junior in high school, with friends, good grades, and of course, a missing sister. One day, he sees his friends bully a kid, and stands up for the kid. Shortly after he loses his friends, he dissapears...


1. Authors note

Hello Dahlings! I am so mad at you guys because I get no comments whatsoever and its really making me mad. Come on peoples! Be helpful, i know that alot of you guys have read my stories, 40 people on Analasia, A New Beginning, 20 people on Story Of My Life, and 15 people on Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire, Not!. Also my best friend, who goes by the name of Real Steel, has a story of her own that's doing very well, and frankly, i am jealous of her. She supports my writing and is the BESTEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She always leaves me her opinions, and I appreciate her for that.  


So Real Steel and Jacob, this book is for you guys.

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