1. Prologue

I was 16 when my dad moved us to Melbourne Australia from a small town in Wisconsin after my mom died. She was driving home from work one night when a drunk driver hit her head on and she died instantly of impact. I took it pretty hard and was in deep depression until I turned 17 and I realized it's not what she would of wanted. I started enjoying my life in Australia and met a few friends. Then right after my 18th birthday I got the call. My dad was a surgeon and he was at work late one night after a surgery was unsuccessful and he lost a patients life. A family member was upset and distraught and came in with a gun and shot my father and a few others. My dad and two nurses died. After that I had no one. My dad left me this small 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house and a bank account with $20,000. I mourned for a few weeks but got can up on my feet and now am back working at The Daily Grind regularly and use the money my dad left to pay the bills. What do you do when you have no one left?

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