My crush or my bully?

Naomi is a reject, stupid, slut is what everyone says. They all spread nasty lies and the worst people hit her and have tried to kill her. She's starting to believe them and she's already tried to kill herself multiple times! Her mum, horrible step-dad ad her moved to Australia


6. Chapter 6.

Two days later~

I had a lot of stitches and by a lot I mean a lot! My wrist was twisted so I had a cast Luke and all the boys escaped and police are doing a shitty job finding them. The door creaks open so I pretend to be asleep "Naomi." Someone whispers and I open my eyes a bit "What?" I ask turning a lamp on. I see Ella and her mum walking towards me with broken smiles. "How are you?" Ella's mum asked and I smiled before saying "Shitty." Ella giggled at my answer before a frown came back on her face. "Um Naomi I'm sorry to make you feel worse but we can't allow you to live with us." Ella's mum said with a face of guilt as Lexi walked in.

Ella stood near her snobby sister and a devilish face went over the face of guilt "I'm sorry." Ella's mum mouthed before standing near Lexi. "Luke took me back and he's going to be here in the middle of the night to finish you." Lexi said giggling at the end before they left leaving my stuff near the door. I felt a cold pain in my heart and soon a monitor started beeping crazily, nurses and doctors ran in and started hooking me to more machines. Ashton ran in before it went black and then I saw mum on one side then Ashton crying on the other. "Naomi please stay with Ashton it's not your time to leave." Mum said "Mum pl-" I say before getting cut off.

Lights came back and sounds got louder "She's back!" A nurse shouted and Ashton ran past everything and hugged me. I groaned because he was pushing against some stitches and he pulled away "Sorry." He says and I shrug.

At 11:10~

"Ashton Lexi came in and I have no where to live now. Also she said Luke would kill me tonight at 12:00." I explained while he stood from the couch and sat in my bed. "He would have to kill me before I let you die." He whispered as he gently wrapped his arms on me. "Hello nurse there is a guy coming here please don't let anyone in." Ashton told a nurse and she nodded before walking away. I snuggled into Ashton's chest before my eyes fluttered closed.

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