My crush or my bully?

Naomi is a reject, stupid, slut is what everyone says. They all spread nasty lies and the worst people hit her and have tried to kill her. She's starting to believe them and she's already tried to kill herself multiple times! Her mum, horrible step-dad ad her moved to Australia


5. Chapter 5.

I woke up cold and hungry I looked around but there was nothing or any one. I groaned before standing up and got a huge headache from many memories flowing in my brain. "Where am-" I said and I realized I could finally talk again! I mentally high fived myself before walking in the darkness. Was I dead? I heard the door click open and I saw Luke laughing before switching the lights on I saw Ashton behind Luke. I was about to run towards Ashton but Luke pushed me in a wall as the others walked in.

I silently slid on the ground realizing I was hurting. My hands, legs, neck, and back hurt like hell and I was ready to die. I saw Ashton sit on the ground he looked worst but I started focusing on myself when Luke spat on my face. I wiped his spit off my face and looked at Luke who had his hand raised like he was going to slap me but then he grinned. He pushed everyone but Ashton out of the door and locked it behind them.

Ashton was rubbing his cheek until Luke forcefully held me on the ground. I felt his breath on my neck which made me cringe it was cold still. I felt his hands go on my waist and I hit him on his nose. Ashton was holding in laughter I could tell because his face was getting red and he had a huge smirk. Luke got back up and looked at me before tugging my shirt off so I was in my bra and pants. I saw Ashton's smile fade away and it was replaced with hate! I knew what Luke was doing and I hated it every single bit of it!

Luke started rubbing circles on my back until he was trying to unhook my bra I screamed as more tears fell from my eyes. I felt his hand going from my shoulder to my ass and that's when I felt powerful and kicked him off of me. I was out of breath from how much strength that took. I need to exercise more but anyway I quickly put my shirt over my head I coughed out a small groan and tried to walk towards Ashton. But Luke had a tight hold on my ankle slightly squeezing it i screamed at the pain of something digging into my legs. I fell while Ashton was yelling and soon the guys marched in.

I tried to keep my eyes open afraid they will never open again. I felt more pain shooting through my legs and arms I looked back and saw Luke with a sharp pocket knife. I gasped for air taking big breaths I tried to crawl away from Luke but he pulled me ankle towards him and soon Ashton was fighting to get up. Luke stood and pulled me up by my shirt that was soaked in blood from my arms. Luke started carving something on my wrist he wrote "Slut" my eyes were fighting to stay open by now but soon they closed.

It was so dark I couldn't even see my own hands but I heard loud screams and laughter. I fought myself and soon my eyes slowly opened I found myself bleeding horribly on the ground then I saw Ashton bleeding also. A small gasp left my lips as someone put pressure on some of the cuts my eyes were slowly closing until Ashton screamed "NO LEAVE HER ALONE!" I sat there as blood left every cut on my body.

I watched my wrist the way he wrote slut made me want to go ahead and die. But then I see Ashton's face crying as nail was shouting stuff at the guys. It went black quickly and I couldn't fight it. I saw my old best friend Brandi "B-Brandi where am I?" I ask trying not to stutter. I felt no pain until she smiled and my eyes shot open. I saw bright lights and a doctor I didn't know where I was or what happened all that was on my mind was Ashton.

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