My crush or my bully?

Naomi is a reject, stupid, slut is what everyone says. They all spread nasty lies and the worst people hit her and have tried to kill her. She's starting to believe them and she's already tried to kill herself multiple times! Her mum, horrible step-dad ad her moved to Australia


3. Chapter 3.

I woke up to see Ella shaking my shoulders "Get your lasy ass up Naomi!" She screamed so I got up and tried to say a word still nothing I'm starting to wonder why I even try anymore. I walked to my clothes and grabbed a black tank top and some black jeans. Then I looked for my red and black flannel shirt and put it on without buttoning it.

I grabbed my phone and looked at Ella who was wearing a blue dress and her black combat boots then I grabbed my black combat boots and put them on. "Why are you copying ma shoes!?" She asked and I smiled trying to look innocent. I grabbed some black bracelets and slid them on.

We grabbed our backpacks and walked out the front door and saw cal Mikey and ash. I hugged Calum Mikey and Ashton and held Ashton's hand as we walked towards the bus "I promise I will try to protect you." He whispered in my ear and we walked to the bus stop in time to see Lexi making out with a different guy.

Luke came up and looked like he needed to punch something. I heard Mikey chuckling and Luke pushed the guy and he stumbled backwards. "Luke Wha umm what are you doing here?" Lexi asked Ella and I ran onto the bus with Mikey Cal and Ashton. I sat by Ashton in the back and Ella sat with Calum. We looked out the window and saw Luke punch That guy and Lexi started grabbing at his arm but she got punched also. I looked at Ella who was hugging Calum. Ashton smiled at me and I hugged him.

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