My crush or my bully?

Naomi is a reject, stupid, slut is what everyone says. They all spread nasty lies and the worst people hit her and have tried to kill her. She's starting to believe them and she's already tried to kill herself multiple times! Her mum, horrible step-dad ad her moved to Australia


2. Chapter 2.

I woke up in a white room. I closed my eyes for a bit and realized I'm in a fucking hospital I looked over and saw Ella in a bed beside me. Her face was bruised and she was in arm cast I saw her eyes were open but one was swollen. "Hey how are you?" A nurse said scaring me to death she was smiling "I've been better." Ella said I was about to say something but when I opened my mouth nothing happened "Oh yeah I almost forgot someone or something choked you it messed your voice up I don't know if you will get better or not sorry." She said and I nodded.

I looked to see if I had any cast but I didn't I only had a ton of bruises and scratches my legs were purple!I looked at Ella who had tears staining her cheeks I grabbed a book and pencil and wrote "How long was I out?" She looked down before answering "3 days." I nodded sadly I heard the door open and Ashton walked in with a guilty look on his face my heart was pounding faster than I thought it could I tried to scream but nothing came out so I grabbed the paper and pencil. I wrote "Ahhhhhh!!!" He kinda laughed but then the guilty look came back.

"Hey guys I'm sorry Luke said if I didn't do it he would kill me or something." He said sitting on a chair by us Ella had fallen asleep. I nodded and he put his hand on me I wrote "It's ok can I tell you a secret well write?" He nodded and I erased everything and wrote "I've had a crush on you sense the first time I saw you." I said and I felt my cheeks heat up he smiled and kissed my cheek. My cheeks were probably as red as a fire truck the nurse came in with Joe and asked Ashton to leave.

"When you get out of here you are grounded and your staying home." Joe said I wrote on the paper "Wheres mum?" You could see the smirk from behind the tissue "She was in a car accident and died." He said pretending to blow his nose. I pushed the button to get the nurse here and wrote so she could only see "Please get him out he killed my mum in a car!" She nodded and walked outside and moments later a cop came in and took Joe away.

I realized I'm going to an orphanage! I grabbed my phone and texted Ella's mum asking if I could live with her to stay out of a random orphanage. She replied with a yes.

Getting out of the hospital~

I still couldn't talk so I have a journal and pencil that I carry everywhere. My stuff was taken to Ella's house and we got to share a room. Lexi was still being a slutty bitch so nothing new except Ashton is my boyfriend. "Welcome to your new home." Ella giggled after saying it and we walked in I smiled as we walked in. It smelled amazing we went to Ella's room her dad made another bed I put my black blanket and black pillows on the bed and my clothes in a drawer that was empty.

Ella and I heard a moan we started laughing a bit mine was silent "Luke must be with Lexi!" She said laughing I wrote down "I bet they forgot condoms you might be an aunt!" She was cracking up before Calum opened the door and we shut up. "W-what do y-y-you want?" Ella asked you could hear she was stuttering I was scared to but I tried my best not to show it "Hey just wanted to see how you were doing." He said I wrote "Just shut up why would you care you did it to us!" He he had to speak up because the moans got louder "Luke forced everyone to do it he said he would kill us!" He shouted so he was louder than the moans.

We looked at each other as Michael and Ashton came in also Ashton sat on my bed and Calum sat by Ella and whispered in her ear her face lit up and she hugged him. He probably asked her out I wrote "Aww does Mikey feel left out I'm sure someone likes you!" I showed Mikey he said "I have a girlfriend." Ashton laughed and I snuggled into Ashton's arm and he laughed. "Are you guys a couple already?" Mikey asked and Ashton and I nodded then I wrote "Hey guys the moans have stopped pretend to yell at us or something Luke would kill us if he found out!" Ella and I went in the closet and Calum Ashton and Mikey started yelling.

"Lukey I need you!" Lexi yelled and with that the door opened and closed. Ella and I came out I sat on bed and wrote "I'm taking a nap mess with me and you'll loose a finger!" I grabbed some pjs and walked to the bathroom to change. A few minutes later I came out I was wearing black stretch shorts and a red Mickey Mouse shirt. My legs were still purple and my wrist I walked in the room and put on some fuzzy red socks. "We did that to you?" Mikey, Ashton, and Calum said in unison I nodded carefully and pulled my blanket to my shoulders to hide the rest of my body.

An hour later~

I woke up and saw Ella and Calum cuddling. Then I felt some strong arms around my waist and turned around to see Ashton snuggling into my arm. I heard the door creak open so I closed my eyes until "What the hell? Why are you sleeping with these losers?" Someone said I felt Ashton let go and jump out of bed. "I-I uh-" Ashton said before there was a smack and loud thump. I jumped up and saw Ashton on the ground holding his cheek while I was running over to him Calum woke up and Ella was still asleep no matter how loud we were.

Calum was trying to calm Luke down while I was helping Ashton. Lexi came in and saw me helping Ashton and Calum calming Luke down. Then a thought popped into my mind where was Mikey? I put Ashton on the phone and he called Mikey asking where he was. I looked at his cheek that was bright red until I saw Calum pinning Luke to the wall and Lexi was prying Calum's hands off of Luke. I started getting a headache and ran down stairs. I went out the back door and sat on my knees.

I started hugging my knees and rocked myself. I felt tears threatening to fall. I heard the door open I was still rocking myself and hugging my knees. I felt a hand on my back and looked over to see Ella. I felt a tear drop followed by tons more. "It's ok Luke left and Mikey is at Mc Donald's." I just nodded and hugged her in a tight embrace. "I can't breath." She said as I let go she started laughing and I wiped my face that was probably red from crying.

We walked back in still laughing and walked into our room to see Calum and Ashton on their phones. I sat by Ashton and snuggled into his chest while Ella sat on Calum's lap and whispered things to each other. Calum popped up and said "We should go to this party one of the cheerleaders are having!" Ashton and Ella nodded but I was afraid I had never been to any type of party. I wrote on the paper "I don't know I've never been to a party.".

Ashton said "It's fun you can hang with me I won't drink." He smiled and I shrugged they all smiled "when is it?" Ella and Calum asked at the same time "Friday night but anyway cal and I should leave and it's dark." Ashton said kissing my cheek as he and Calum got up. When they left Ella started smiling "Aww little Naomi got kissed by her cwush!" Ella said in a baby voice making me blush.

I took a shower and got in my pjs before straightening my hair and brushing my teeth. I got in bed and slowly fell asleep to the sound of flowing water (Ella was in the shower).

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