My crush or my bully?

Naomi is a reject, stupid, slut is what everyone says. They all spread nasty lies and the worst people hit her and have tried to kill her. She's starting to believe them and she's already tried to kill herself multiple times! Her mum, horrible step-dad ad her moved to Australia


1. Chapter 1.

I was awaken to my mum shaking my shoulders like a maniac. I hit her and remembered we had just moved from England to Australia because my step-dad Joe was transferred because his stupid job. "Wake up Naomi." My mum said calmly and I did as told. My eyes fluttered for a moment and I stood up when my mum did and grabbed our belongings.

After getting home~

We walked in me slightly angry because Joe was being a dick and taking my phone every once and a while. I held my middle finger high as I walked in my room "Naomi put that finger down!" Mum and Joe said. I ignored them and slammed my door. I unpacked everything and put my black blanket and pillows on my bed that matched with my red wall paint. Once I finished I looked at the band posters and saw someone out of my window. It was four guys picking on this pretty girl.

I ran out and stepped in front of the girl before they could do anything else. "What the hell didn't your mums teach you how to treat a lady?" I said in an annoyed voice they looked at each other and laughed giving the girl enough time to run. "Thank youu!" She said running and I stood in front of the boys who have calmed down a bit "You think we are afraid?" A guy with a bandana said and I wanted to hit him so badly!

"Naomi come one lunch is ready!" My mum shouted and I put my middle finger up at the guys and ran back home. "What were you doing cause it didn't look like making friends?" Joe asked and I just rolled my eyes "You think I'm going to let them bully a girl?!" I asked raising my voice. "Your grounded! No tv and give me your phone!" My mum shouted I didn't obey instead I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I looked out the window and saw the girl waving and she climbed a tree near my window smiling.

"Hi I'm Ella what's your name?" She said with a huge smile on her face. "I'm Naomi come in." I said helping her get in my window I could tell we would be friends. "Welcome to my crappy room I just moved here." I said as we plopped on the bed "Oh and thank you so much you were so awesome out there saving my butt!" She exclaimed and I laughed as I put my number in her phone and she did the same to my phone. "Naomi I swear when you come out I'm taking your phone!" Joe shouted and I rolled my eyes as I stuffed an outfit for tomorrow and some pjs in my bag "Where are you going?" Ella asked watching me pack.

"I'm running away." I said with a huge smirk on my face. I stuffed everything I needed "You could stay at my place my parents wouldn't mind." She said smiling as we crawled out the window and I nodded. We jumped out of the tree and walked to her house I'm guessing. On the way we got weird stares but we just shrugged them off "So we there yet?" I asked in a baby voice and she giggled before opening a door. "Mum can my friend stay for a night?" Ella asked as we walked in the living room and I waved awkwardly.

Her mum agreed so we walked upstairs I saw one of the guys that were picking on her and when we got in her room she closed the door as we sat on her bed "Why is one of those guys here?" I asked and she looked down "That's my popular sister Lexi's boyfriend Luke the head of those dimwit boys." She said and I laughed a bit and hugged her.

A few minutes later~

We were on Ella's bed playing on our phones when the door burst open it was Luke and who I've learned Ashton, Calum, and Michael. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked not looking up from my phone "We are here to pumble you for back talking." Michael said smirking Ella got up and grabbed my hand pulling me into her closet and locking it from the inside so they couldn't get in. "We will just wait until you get out." Luke said like it was obvious.

Ella was really scared so I texted her mum on my phone

Me: Hey Ella's mum the boys are in her room and am we had to lock ourselves in her closet help please

A few moments later we heard the door open "Boys I told you to leave Ella alone Lexi take your boy toys to your room please!" Ella's mum Amber shouted. We heard heavy foot steps run out and we unlocked the closet and tumbled out "Thank you soo much!" Ella and I said at the same time and amber laughed while we hugged her and sat back down.

Next day (Monday)~

Ella and I woke up and we started getting ready. I straightened my hair because we took showers last night. When I finished I put on my nirvana band t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I put on a few bracelets and a black beanie. I slipped on some socks and my black converse. Ella came out in a blue plain t-shirt and a black skirt with black leggings. Her brown hair was down and curly with a bit of makeup "hmm you like to dress up." I joked as she put on black combat boots and we grabbed our backpacks. We walked to the bus stop her sister looked like an ugly slut with makeup caked on her face.

"My sister has slept with every boy in the school." Ella whispered making us laugh a bit until the bus came. Ella and I walked to the back of the bus and Ella was tripped by Calum and I helped her regain balance. "You ok?" I asked as we sat down by each other she just nodded.

After the bus ride~

Everyone walked off the bus and in the building. Ella helped me find the office and I got everything I needed for class like locker number and combination and schedule. We walked to our locker we were right next to each other and we had the same schedule hmm luck is loving me today! "Math is over here." Ella said grabbing my hand and pulling me to a class room. "Oh hello Naomi welcome!" The teacher said happily. I awkwardly waved and sat by Ella in the very back.

At lunch~

Ella and I have been picked on by multiple people already. A note dropped from my locker and I picked it up. It read "Meet us behind the school or else!" Ella read it also and we gulped as we started walking behind the school. They were waiting with Ella's sister on her phone we were about to started walking away but Ashton said "Move and we will kill you." Ella and I stopped and looked at each other she looked like she was going to cry and I felt sad that I couldn't help her.

Ashton and Michael held me back while Calum was holding Ella back. Luke snickered before throwing a punch near my head making me flinch "Aww who's going to save your sorry asses now?" Luke asked while Lexi was smirking and Luke kicked my knee like I was a soccer ball. I yelped a bit and struggled trying to get out of their grip but they tightened. Luke snickered as he punched my face tears were falling now and Ella started shouting because Calum stepped on her toe. Lexi whispered in Luke's ear and he laughed.

Luke stepped towards me and punched me repeatedly and started kicking me when I was on the ground silently crying looking over at Ella who was screaming before it went black and I heard more punches but it wasn't on me. Then felt strong hands on my neck before losing all sounds.

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