His sex slave


1. chapter 1

Lexie's POV

Hello mates! I'm Lexie and I'm Michael Clifford's little sis and our parents died in a plane crash last year... You know what that means Michael acts like he's my father and it so annoying!!! Like the other day my bestie was over and I'm by sexual so we just randomly started making out and Michael nearly killed me! But that's the least of my worries I'm worried bout getting near Luke...Luke Hemmings. Last time we were on tour, he made me his sex slave...it was horrible!well time to go pack for tour... This is gonna be fun😒

Michael's POV

"Lexie are you ready to go" I shouted as she was struggling to get down the stairs with her bags. I just laughed while Calum helped her."thanks cal" she said to him. "No prob" he said as we all walked out the door.


Main characters

Luke Hemmings------Lucas

Michael Clifford-----Mikey

Calum Hood----------cal

Ashton Irwin---------ash

Lexie Clifford-------me

Srry guys but I have school in the morning so night 😘

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