Music is My Life

Autumn is only 13 and is an orphan. She had only been adopted once in her life. What happens when she gets adopted again? Will it be for the good or for the bad?


3. Chapter 3

Autumn POV

I woke up feeling refreshed. I didn't remember falling asleep. I quickly looked through the draws of the bedside table to see if something was still there. When I got adopted the adults didn't want to wait and so I had to pack up quickly. I didn't have time to grab my iPod. I picked it up and plugged in the earphones I had. I started to play I Miss You by Blink 182. This song reminded me of my parents. My real parents.

I started dancing crazily around my room the music blasting through the earphones. I didn't hear the door open. Emily stood there with a smirk on her face and her phone recording my dance moves. I paused my music and stopped my 'wonderful' dancing. Emily stopped recording and told me to come down and get breakfast.

"Emily!" I called after her. She turned her head towards me. "I don't have anything to change into!" I continued. She looked towards my cupboard and smiled at me.

"Look in your cupboard Aut. You might find something special in there." I giggled quietly and mouthed a thank you before shutting my door to see what the special thing was.

The closet door creaked open, because it hadn't been used in a while. The first thing I saw made me jump up and down with happiness. Emily had bought me clothes. The first thing I saw was a leather jacket. I smiled. I also found skinny jeans, converse which were Emily's and band tshirts.

I quickly changed and ran downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast. There in my spot was a girl who I had never seen before. She had her head down on the table and looked like she was crying. I quietly walked over to her.

"Are you alright?" I asked. She didn't reply, she just kept her head down on the table. I tapped her shoulder. When she looked up at me, I noticed her bright green eyes were bloodshot and surrounded by red. Her long brown hair was in tangles on her back and she was sitting by herself. Where I usually sat.

"Are you okay?" I asked again, not sure if she was gonna answer. She nodded her head at me and gave me a little smile. I held out my hand and she grabbed it. I pulled her so she was standing up. I held my hand out to shake hers.

"My name is Autumn." I politely said. She pushed my hand away and hugs me.

"My name is Julie."

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