Music is My Life

Autumn is only 13 and is an orphan. She had only been adopted once in her life. What happens when she gets adopted again? Will it be for the good or for the bad?


2. Chapter 2

Autumn POV

After around 5 minutes, Emily came back with pens and paper in her hands. The orphanage manager Louise followed after her. I fake smiled at them, wondering what they were doing. Louise came and hugged me and then sat down next to Emily on the couch.

"Aut, do you wanna like with that foster family anymore?" Louise asked me. I shook my head no rapidly, knowing that if I spoke, I would cry.

"Well then. It's all settled." Louise said. I looked at her confused. "Welcome back to the orphanage sweetie." She grinned widely. I gave her the grin back. Louise was the only person who could bring people back to the orphanage. I hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go.

I immediately asked if my room was the same and they nodded. I raced up the stairs and climbed up the ladder to get to the attic. The attic was my room in the orphanage because I liked being alone. I wasn't always alone. Before I got adopted, I had a best friend named Tara but she's long gone now. I laid on my bed thinking of all the memories I had made here.

I looked at the old clock on my wall. I had got it as a welcome present from Emily when I first arrived here. The clock read: 8:47. I didn't realise I had been thinking for so long. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. I walked down the stairs to say goodnight to everyone. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep for a while. The first person I saw was Emily. She asked if I had eaten anything. I replied with a yes even though I hadn't. I used to eat but not anymore. I stopped eating when I got called fat and ugly and worthless. I sometimes eat to make people happy but I'm pretty sure you all know what I do after I eat. I make myself throw it all up.

I skipped up the steps happy for once in a while. Louise told me that she had spoken to my 'parents' and that I was fine to stay in the orphanage. I walked into my room and laid down on my bed. 'Today was an okay day' I thought.

Hey guys. Sorry it's short. I just really wanted to update. I've been feeling depressed lately and I don't know. You guys have made me feel a little bit happier so that's why I decided to make her feel happy. Thank you xx. Like, Comment and Fan. I really don't mind. As long as you enjoy the story. I don't need any more people but thank you ~Banana 💕

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