Be mine

Melody is just a normal 17 year old until her mom has a new boyfriend and they have to move to Australia she soon finds out she has a stepbrother and he is 3 best friends. Read to find out how she is gonna be when Luke wants her to be his


1. moving out

"Beep Beep Beep" I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I sit up and realize that today I fly to Sydney Australia to live with my moms soon to be husband Jack. He also has a son that's the same age as me.

I look through my dresser and put on a Nirvana crop top and some high wasted denim shorts. I walk to my restroom, brushed my teeth, and curled the ends of my hair. I go down stairs and my mom asks "are you ready to go to the airport?" I told her yes.


We got in the plane and I got my earbuds and started listening to blink 182. We finally got to Sydney and my mom told me jack will pick us up and take us to our new house. My mom has been there already and met his son but I haven't. She also helped them decorate my room. We got our bags and finally found Jack.

We got to the house it was huge my mom told me she was going on a vacation with Jack for 1 to 2 weeks so I had to stay here with my soon to be stepbrother.


I grabbed my stuff and Walked in the door ( Jack gave me a key). As I walked in the door I saw four boys sitting in the couch watching t.v. One had red hair, one had blonde hair one had brown curly hair and one had black hair. I walked up to them and one screamed my name hugged me and said hi. He then told the others that I was Jacks girlfriends daughter. I then assumed that he was gonna be my stepbrother. Then the other 2 said hi to me.

The blonde one was just staring at me then smiled. He was actually kinda cute he also has a lip ring. Calum then introduced him self then the others lastly he introduced me to Luke I finally realized that I liked him. After that I said hi to them one by one " hi Michael, Ashton and Luke" they all said hi and Luke just smiled.

I asked Calum to take me to my room he said "ok" we took elevator and got to the third floor. My room was on the left of Calum's room. He opened the door and I walked in I loved it it had black and purple walls with black sheets. My room was filled with Nirvana, Green Day, and Blink 182 posters. I loved it When I was done looking around I noticed Calum was still there he asked if I needed help un packing I said no. Before he left he said "You can call me Cal, and when your done come down stairs to meet my friends."

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