All Demons Were Once Angels

Idek Bruh


1. Bye Bye

My name is Alex Amelia Carter, I am 16 years of age and I am a loner. A complete loser with no friends and a cat. I bet your wondering why I didn't say I have my parents right? Well.... See my parents hate me. They don't like me at all, they wish I was never born, I've been told countless times that I'm a waste of space and that I was mistake from the moment I was born. The funny thing is, is that instead of getting mad at me for self harm, all they do is say 'good job' and smile at me. "ALEX CARTER GET YOUR FAT UGLY ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT THIS MOMENT!" I hear my mother(I don't even think I would consider her a mother anymore) scream up the stairs, my immediate reaction being getting up and rushing out of my room shaking. As soon as I'm down the stairs and in their deathly presence I stand up straight and look them in the eyes saying "Yes ma'am, sir?" "If I'm correct I gave birth to your ugly little face 16 years ago, right?" She says smirking a bit under her bitter coarse tone of voice. "Yes mother, that's correct." I say shakily trying not to have an anxiety and or panic attack due to the tension and fear that coursed through me with every heart beat and breath that went through my body. " "Pack your things, you have 15 minutes and then you get the fuck out of this house and NEVER come back, got it?" "Yes ma'am." I say as I rush up the stairs tears starting to burst from my eyes and trickling down my face as I grab my clothes and necessities within 10 minutes. I turn the cold brass door knob I hear one final word from the witch that "raised" me for the past 16 years today being my birthday and all,"Bye, bye" I walked out the door not speaking another word by fear she might not let me go, anywhere, even the streets, is better than that place. 'Where do I go?' I think to myself as I start to shuffle through the streets of salt lake city Utah, I began to make a list of what to do in my mind-
*Find Andrew my little kitty.
*Find somewhere to sleep that is dry and has shelter
*Find food for Andrew and I.
*Try to find a job (In the morning of coarse)
Well here I go..... "Here kitty kitty kitty!" I call out around his usual hang out spot. "Meow... Meow..." I here from a bush. "Here Andy, it's Alex, come on kitty kitty." I say holding both my arms out for the cat to climb into. I feel a sense of warmth as his fluffy black fur brushes against my skin and his body heat mingles with mine. I sit down at the bench cuddling my little cat feeling the tears start to fall down my rosy red cheeks onto the grey concrete surface. Andrew sensing my sadness and starting to pur and lick my face, I giggle as he keeps going. I lift him from my face and begin walking again to a nearby allyway. I see no reason as of to why I should move away from this spot, its rather cleaner then most ally's, has shelter and considering I packed two blankets this should work quite nicely. I felt my stomach give a low growl as i start to unpack the two blankets,one a very thin fabric while the other thick and warming. I lay the thicker of the two down as a bedding and the thinner will cover us later tonight. I looked through the pockets of the back pack I brought hoping to find some money. My hand searched through the gaps and pockets in the rough black back pack, but I found nothing except two dollars and five cense. What can I even buy for two dollars and five cense? I got up in hope the 7/11 would have something. After walking about 10 minutes I got to the 7/11 that had luckily been only a couple blocks away. As I walked Declan followed trailing behind me, squeaking every now and then, when I looked at the front of 7/11 there was a sign that read
"Sorry Andy, you need to stay out here for this but if I can I'll get your favorite cat meow mix, kay?" I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me as I look down into his green eyes. I get a meow and tail swipe in return as I turn back around and start to walk into the small but convenient gas station. I hadn't been to a 7/11 since I was 12 years old, back when my grandmother was actually alive.... I love her and I miss her so much, she's the only one who ever protected me... May her soul rest in peace. I pace up and down the isles of the tiny gas station looking for low priced things will at least make my hunger go away. "Ma'am? Would you like help miss?" I jump at the sudden noise and turn around to see the cashier behind me, I glance at his name tag reading the name quickly then stuttering out my answer "Uh... I um uh en uh mm.... Yes?" I feel my cheeks light up as he laughs a bit at my clumsyness, "Haha, your cute... So what would you like help with exactly?" As he said this in a slightly deep voice I couldn't help but think how cute he looked when he laughed and for some reason he had this... this glow to him like light was shining all over him. "Well.... I kinda only have two dollars and five cense..." I say looking up then to my side. "Well.... I don't think we have much to be honest... But if it helps I can maybe pay a bit?" I gasped at the offer "No, no I can't do that, that's your money, don't waist it on someone like me..." I say quickly trailing off at the end. "Why not waist is on someone who's beautiful and in need? Plus I have more money then you think, I only work here every once in a while kind of like a sub, my uncle owns the shop so I help him out here and there when he needs it. By the way my name is Declan." I was so transfixed in his looks and how nice he was that I didn't even notice his height until now, I was a midget compared to him. "Um... Well... Grr... Fine." I say accepting his offer reluctantly. "Alright and uh whats your name?" He questions poking my cheek, I smile and reply "Alex, Alex Carter." "Well Alex, what are the things you need most?" "Water... Lots of water lol, cat food, and just like a couple sandwiches, otherwise im good." I mentally face palm myself for saying lol but then realize that he had left my side and was walking around the gas station grabbing things off of shelves. "SO ALEX, YOU HAVE ANYWHERE TO CRASH?" He shouts from across the room. "Actually... I don't really live anywhere at the moment..." I say shyly thinking of today's events. "Oh, why is that?" He asks now back over by me at the counter ringing everything up, I try handing him the money but he shakes his head no and uses his credit card."My parents kicked me out today...." "I'm so sorry.... Hey, how about you and your cat, I'm guessing you have a cat since you need cat food, come stay with me till we can find you a place?" As he said this I think I saw a spark of hope in his eyes but I could be wrong. My instincts were to not go but I couldn't help but trust him. "Merp... Sure." Glowing red from his offer I take the bags and watch him clockout. "well grab your cat and we'll get going, eh?" I nod in return walking out and picking up Andy around the waist carrying his thin little body alongside Declan to a black SUV. "Here I'll take these you and Andy?" "Mhm." "You and Andy get in the front seat, does he want the meow mix?" I didn't even have to speak, Andy lept out of my arms and sat at Declan's feet. I smiled as he laughed down at Andy throwing me the meow mix. I open the car door with Andy right at my heels waiting for food. About ten minutes into the drive I realize something. "FAQ!!!!!!" I whisper/shout looking annoyed through my bag. "Whats up?" I hear him question but I'm in to much panic to answer. "We need to stop by Walgreen's or some shit like that. Like now." I state looking into his eyes. He makes a sharp turn and I can see the big Walgreen's symbol up ahead. "I'll be right back." I mutter getting out of the SUV and running inside. I frantically search the isles for razors. I stop as I see right in front of me heaven.

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