In the hunger games with my crush


18. why

The next morning when I wake up I wake up to pounding on my door. I get up to answere it but I'm too late the person just decided to walk straight in "knock on the door and wait for me to answere next time would you for all you know I could have been changing or in the shower" I yell at the person "well your not" he says "well I could have been" I say "wow so being popular in the training center changed you I see" says luke "what do you mean" I say "I ment what I said" "well don't act like I didn't see you stairing at me" "what no I didn't" "that didn't even make sense" I yell "well I wasn't looking at you" " then who were you looking at" after I ask that he stops and just stairs at me then leaves the room

A few hours later we are at this place but I don't know what for. They call us up by districts and luke and I are last "why were you knocking on my door this morning" I ask "none of your business" he tells me "why don't you tell me anything" "because I don't like you" "really" I ask in a sad voice he just icnores me. "Hey luke can I tell you somthing" I ask "yeah shour" he says "well the thing is I've liked you for a while and I just wanted to tell you since one of us will probably die soon and I just wanted you to know-" I get cut off by luke kissing me

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