In the hunger games with my crush



The next day we go to training agin but luke doesn't look at me. You may think that's stupid but I like him. When we get there he goes strait out and I follow just not as fast. When we get to the training room he goes over to the careers and talks while I go to the archery place might as well try to get better at this.

When I'm done people are watching me and I'm scared then one girl starts clapping along with the rest of the people there the only ones I don't see there are the careers and luke. I mean I'm not really sad luke hates me. Ok I might be sad at that.

When I get out of the croud of people wanting to be my allies I see luke looking at me with a sad look and then he realizes I'm looking at him and he turns around (who thinks they know what he's thinking I'll give you a hint at the end) and goes back to the careers. Hours later we go back to the place we were staying at. Then we eat and then we go to bed.

So the hint is I was listening to beside you when I was writing this and sorry I haven't updated and I sould really delete the spoiler chapter all the way

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