In the hunger games with my crush


8. tribute parade (read all)

First before you start reading this please please please tell me if you want to be in this ill even let you be from one of the same district as the other boys from 5sos but please tell me

"WAKE UUUUP OR ILL SLAP YOU!" I hear as I open my eyes. I see the capital lady with a very mad face "I'm up I'm up you don't have to yell" I tell her "excuse me yes I do you wouldn't wake up and the tribute parade is in 7 hours and do you know how long it will take us to get you ready" she says "well I didn't think that long but ok"I tell her and she responds to that with a face like she wants to kill me but to bad for her she can't or can she "ok um how about you don't kill her" luke says standing at my door "why do you even care if she kills me wouldn't it be one less person for you and yes I've heard you and your friends talking about if you were ever in the games how you would kill every one I'm not stupid" I yell at him then I have soooo many people yelling at me I run out of the room and down the hall to the place were we ate last night. But when the capital lady comes in the room I want to run but she holds me back and says "I don't really hate you it's just that people always laugh at my tributes so I make them use manors and yell at them I just can't help it" she tells me "it's ok I guess but don't tell luke sorry he'll just tell you to stop saying sorry"we both laugh at what I just said"well I need to take you to get ready"she says "ok"I say I hope that our outfits are like my great grandparents were (yes they are from district 12 but even though it was destroyed in catching fire it's back now) that was so amazing how it didn't burn them

When we get there the capital lady shows me were to go then she leaves and I'm all alone for now. Then the people came in and got me ready

Skip them getting her ready

When my stylest comes in he or she I can't tell because of all the makeup has a dress that at the top is coal and from the waist to my feet is a part that looks like fire but it's not. He/she hands me the dress and tells me to go and put it on so I do. When I'm done he/she does my hair and makeup and then I'm done (she has shoes) when I see luke his outfit looks the same except it's not a dress (😂just imagine him in one) when we get in the chariot thing we are told to hold hands. He looks discused with that but does it and then were off people cheer but it's probably not for us it's for the people in the front of the line. When it's over we are told we did good and sent to get changed and to eat then go to bed

Sorry I haven't been updating I've just been really busy and I have an essay due Friday so I won't be able to update so yeah and if your wondering the boys are from different districts and agin please tell me if you want to be in this PLEASE and thank you

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