In the hunger games with my crush


11. training

Today's the day we start training. Yay.....not I can't do anything like the other people I mean my parents tought me how to shout an arrow like my great grandmother but I'm not as good as her. But the good thing is luke said he would help me with a few things so yay.....not. I don't want him to think I'm weak but I beat he will. So now I'm in the elevator with luke to get to the training center and there is a very aquward silence. But then luke holds my hand and says "don't be nerves Ellie it's just training" then I just look at him and say "that's easy for you to say your good at stuff unlike me I can't do anything" "ok don't talk bad about yourself or I'll slap you" then I just look at him and the door opens and I run out and away from him.

When I see luke agin I try not to look at him because he's with the careers talking to them really TALKING to them what is happening

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while hope you like this chapter

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