In the hunger games with my crush


3. the train ride

Once we were at the train station we got on a train that was huge. "Well I hope you like it here" said the capital lady and we got on the train. Me and Luke were looking at each other surprised that it was this big and fancy "why the crap is this so big" I asked "because it's from the capital dumby"said the crazy capital person "well let's show you around the train shall we" said the capital lady and I guess she was talking to herself when she said that because she defenatly wasn't talking to us. When we get to the first room it's huge. It's about as big as my house if not bigger. "How big is this room" I ask "no time for silly questions know this is your room Ellie May" she told me. I was amazed and I could tell luke was too because we have never seen a room this big. "But I'm serious how big is this room" I ask "don't ask agin or I'll make shour your sister will be in the hunger games" says the now mean capital lady "ok" I say "know let's finish the tour of the train shall we" she asks "ok" we both say

After the tour

"Wow this place is huge"I say to luke "yeah too bad this thing is taking us to the capital" he said I nod "well at least we can get foods here" I say "well free food" I say. Then the capital lady comes in and tells us to go eat and we do because she's scary. Well at least we have a few days before we get to the capital.

Sorry if this sucks I was in a hurry to finish it so I couldn't come up with ideas

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