In the hunger games with my crush


2. saying goodbye

Once they take me to the justice building I'm put in a seperate room than luke and my family comes to tell me goodbye"why did you have to go" my little sister said "because the stupid capital people are making me" I told her and then she hugged me good bye. Then I was telling my mother goodbye "well miss you so much" she told me "I'll miss you too"I told her and then the peace keepers told them it was time for me to leave "five more minutes please" my mother begged "ok fine just five more minutes" he told us "I have somthing to give you" said my mother and then she pulled out a braclet with a mocking jay on it. It was so beautiful " it was your great grandmothers when she went into the hunger games well it was a pen then but I didn't want to lose it so I made it into a braclet" "thank you mom" I said to her "your welcome" then the peace keepers came back in and told us it was time for me to leave. Well I guess I have to go on a train now yay

Sorry this was short I ran out of ideas and if your wondering her great grandmother is katness everdeen

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