In the hunger games with my crush


5. arriving at the capital

A few days later

While we were eating breakfast we heard screaming me and luke looked at each other than out the window then we both realize we are at the capital. I look out the window with fear knowing I'm getting closer and closer to my death. We both get up and look and wave at the people there are so many people I can't even count but the whole time I'm thinking why did it have to be me why couldn't it have been Annabelle she's the meanest ugliest most popular (sorry if that's your name your not ugly) girl in stupid school "are you ok" luke asks "oh yes sorry" I say "it's ok you just looked weird" he said laughing I laugh too "sorry" I say agin "stop saying sorry so much there's nothing to be sorry about" he says. Gosh why does he have to be so nice. This is going to kill me be for I even go to the games. Once we get off the train a huge croud surrounds us and luke grabes my hand(😍) and hugs me and tells me "I'm keeping you safe from all these people. I was thinking to tell him I love him but I now he doesn't like me he's dating that stupid Annabelle (sorry agin if this is your name) plus I'm an outsider at school I bet he didn't even now I existed until the reaping but I don't blame him people don't like me manly because of my fiery red hair people thought I came from the capital but my best friend abie noes I'm not from the stupid capital because if I were we would be rich and be able to eat more than once a month but all we get to ever eat at home is so small the people at school think I starve myself but I don't "what is wrong with you. You keep staring of into space" says luke "sorry I was just thinking" "what did I say about saying sorry all the time""sorry" "stop it" "I can't help it" i say and then the capital lady tells us to shutup and we do she's pretty scary

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