In the hunger games with my crush


1. the reaping

Today's the day. The day of the reaping, one of the most scariest days of the year but I don't think I'll be reaped because my name is only entered once unlike my little sister who insisted on being brave and haveing her name entered twice every year. My name is Ellie May Parkers and now I have to get ready for the reaping.

Skip getting ready and going to the reaping

Once we get there they take our finger prints and then go find my sister but when I find her the reaping has started"welcome all of you to the reaping as always ladies first" then the name she picked out I couldn't believe "Ellie May Parkers" my heart beats a thousand times a minute as I go to the stage "now time for the boys" she picks the name and my heart shatters "Luke Hemmings" I can't believe this he has been my crush for as long as I can remember "you to shake hands"says the capital lady and I didn't even relies he was standing beside me "well go on shake hands" and we shake each others hand

Oh great going into the hunger games with him this will be fun....NOT

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