Italian Love Affair

During the summer of '13, Logan Smith and her family went to Verona, Italy. On one summer day, she ran into Calum Hood. Literally. Follow them on their journey of friendship, love, and hate.


2. Chapter 2


Here's another chapter :)

Calum's POV

"When are you coming home, mate?! These two idiots are getting on my nerves." Ashton complained over the phone.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll be back in July. I just want a break, ya know? Look I gotta go. I have plans today."

Before he could reply, I clicked the end button.

I sighed as I sat there on the couch.

That tour killed me. I just wanted a small break away from the fans and the guys.

I looked at my phone to see the time.

12:00 pm.

I frowned. Patience wasn't my thing.

Waiting for her to contact me was a real pain.

Logan Smith.

I smiled at the thought of her. She was different from any other girl that I've ever met. With her curly long brown hair to her beautiful hazel eyes. She was gorgeous.

A vibration sound took me out of my thoughts. I glanced down at the phone.

From: Unknown Number.

Hey, it's Logan. I won't be able to hang out today. My parents and I are doing some touring around the city. But if you want, we can hang out tonight around seven?

I grinned as I read the message over and over again. I quickly typed back.

Logan's POV

A beeping noise alerted me.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and unlocked it.

I smiled as I saw who sent the message.

From: Cal-Pal

Sure. Where do you wanna meet up? x

I thought a moment before replying.

From: Logan

The park that's in the middle of the town? I heard its beautiful with the lights on at night.

After a moment of replying I received a message from him.

From: Cal-Pal

Great. See you at 7. xx

My heart raced as I read that message for the second time. That sounded like a date.

"Logan, honey! We're leaving!" Mom yelled.

"I'm coming!" I yelled as I ran to catch up with them.


"Goodnight, Logan. Make sure not to stay up to late. We're going to the beach tomorrow." Mom said from the doorway of my room.

I rolled my eyes. "I know, mom. Goodnight."

After the door closed, I quickly went to my closet and searched for something to wear.

I bit my lips as my eyes scanned the clothes. I picked something out if random and put it on.

I wore blue jean denim shorts with a white crop top and sandals. I put my brown hair up in a messy bun and smiled.


I grabbed my phone and glanced at the time.

6:50 pm.

My eyes widen. Crap, I'm going to be late.

I opened my door slowly, not wanting to wake up my parents.
I tiptoed down the stairs and headed towards the front door.
I opened it slowly and sneaked out the door.

I let out a breath and began walking towards the direction of the park.

The park was light up with lights hanging in the trees. It looked beautiful. I walked up to a bench and sat down.

I glanced at my phone again.

7:10 pm.

He's running a bit late.

I sat there in silence, admiring the stars in the sky.


I shot up from the bench and turned to the voice.

There was Calum, running towards me like maniac.

I raised an eyebrow as he came closer into my sight of vision.

"Hey Calum." I said.

He leaned on a tree for support, trying to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry Logan. I got caught up with stuff. I hope this makes up for it."

He pulled out flowers from behind his back and gave them to me.

I blushed as I retrieved the flowers from his hands.

"Thanks. You're forgiven." I said, smiling down at the flowers.

"Awesome, so do you just want to walk around or what?" He said, unsure of what to do.

"Yeah, let's walk around."


As we walked, we talked about our families, about ourselves. I got to know Calum more.

I leaned that he was seventeen and that he loved playing bass. And that he was from New Zealand.

"So how long are you going to be here in Itlay?" Calum asked curiously.

"Until July. So mainly just the whole summer. It's something we do every year." I said.

Calum looked over at me and smiled. "That's cool. I'm here for the whole summer too."

I nodded.

"Logan. Can I tell you something?"

I glanced over at Calum in confusion. "Uhh, sure."

Calum stopped walking and faced me.

"I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." He said, scratching the back of his neck.

My heart stopped. Words were caught up in my throat. I didn't know how to respond to that.

"Y-You really think I'm beautiful?" I stuttered out, blushing madly.

Calum smiled warmly at me. "Of course.".

I smiled. This was the first guy thats ever said that to me. I felt somehow special.

"T-Thanks Calum.".

I then felt arms wrap around my waist, pulling my closer to the owner of the arms.


"Shh, let me enjoy this moment." He whispered in my ear.

I hesitated for a few moments before wrapping my arms around his neck.

At that moment I realized something. This park, was the park where Romeo confessed his attraction towards Juliet.

Maybe just maybe something will bloom from this moment.

I just hope I won't get hurt in the end.


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