Christmas Day

Isn't it ironic that the last day on humankind on Earth is a commemoration of our salvation?
*An Entry into the Christmas Competition*
(Cover Credits go to River_Summers ☕️)


7. From A Distance

Far away, two drunken men stumble. They turn around and watch the scene unfold. They laugh as the whole compound collapses. A terrible laugh with drunken stupor embedded in every note. They watch with glee as the inner walls give in and the roof caves. The outer walls topple with ease yet the men are still laughing. 
Old oil stores under the compound ignites and, almost as if a bomb had hit, the building explodes with a small mushroom cloud. The men stop laughing. The significance of the event hits even them. They blink as they realise that they had just seen the last surviving compound on earth be completely destroyed. 
One man drops his beer bottle and it smashes on the frozen ground. Broken, like the world had become. Their laughs faded away leaving behind the rest of the world, unbeknownst that that particular day was any more special than the rest, to calmly settle into a rhythm of silent snowfall.

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