Land of Confusion: HG comp version

Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music video on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


17. Little Disire

"Desire, this room has to be a secret from now on." Dennis said as he carefully slipped the mask back on its large brass hook.

"Why Sharpie? Why do we have to keep this a secrete?" Desire whined.

She liked showing of her dad's personal collection of books.

"Because my sweet Desire," her dad let out a long sigh and thought what he was going to say. "Because things are changing so quickly and it is in the mist of being against the rules. And the government would take it all away and we will get in trouble." Dennis said as he slowly closed the wooden doors of the wardrobe.

"Why?" Desire asked.

"The government is taking over our lives." Dennis sighed then he started to speak as tears started to flow down his cheek.

"Sharpie, why are you crying?" Desire asked

"You will learn when you are older, but for now it will keep coming, keep changing to where soon the big man will suffocate all. My work is now a failure." he looked at Desire as Desire looked at her father.

Desire must had the look like she did something wrong because her dad just stormed to his and her mom's room and slammed the door. Then the next thing she knew her father came home with a large pile of bricks in his arms and a bag of cement he quietly put brick by brick into place on the carpet. He did this every day making sure the room would survive anything. Then she caught him putting railing in the carpet and then sliding a bookshelf with custom wheels on the bottom that slid beautifully on the track. He made a hand hole that didn't stand out and bought Sinidel approved books. "Sharpie, can I still go in your study and read the books?" Desire asked as her father was setting the last of the books on the shelf and placing an police award on last.

"Sure my sweet Desire just, just don't talk to anyone about it!" Dennis said sternly.

"But, why?" Desire said

"It will be officially illegal tomorrow." Her dad sighed Desire could tell that he hated doing this as much as Desire.

"Oh..." She trailed.

But I definitely encourage you to read these books and don't tell this to anyone.

"Don't worry dad, the only person I will tell is Ally."

"Ok just Ally but when I am here ok? Besides the worst thing I can tell to her is no and have her to be deprived of this true knowledge. And that is the only time you can show her this." he said testing the steadiness of the track especially when it was shoved hard both ways.

 "What, what about the wardrobe?" Desire asked.

"Everything but that!" Dennis shouted.

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