Land of Confusion: HG comp version

Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music video on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


2. Little Disire pov

Desire was playing around her dad's office one night when her toy car ran underneath the old wardrobe at the end of a room that was filled with books all around the walls except the spot where the wardrobe was. It had never gone there before, just that one time. It didn’t come back to her, she ran to it and ducked underneath the wardrobe. She crawled to the back of the wardrobe and grabbed her toy car and pulled it. A bright shiny light caught her eye and she looked up as a knob was shining in the remaining light of the room. As she slowly turned the knob a key fell out. She quickly snatched the key before it hit the ground then she grabbed the car and crawled out and stood up as she stared at the key.

"I wonder where this goes?" She thought. Then she looked at the wardrobe and spotted a key hole. It took her two tries but then the key went in. Desire smiled as she slowly turned the key and opened the wardrobe. there were news clippings on the wall except an American flag on one door and a Sinidel flag on the other. There was a mask that Desire thought was a ski mask, but when she started to figure out what some of the headlines were it only drew more questions to her as she read:

Man comes from out of sky! Name is Darkness for the time of. Man of dark makes light. Darkness disappears in time of light. Desire couldn't figure out the rest of the headlines because they were about Sinidel. But her readings only brought more questions so she grabbed the mask and ran to ask her father, Denis.

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