Land of Confusion: HG comp version

Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music video on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


9. Little Disire and Disire's Diary pov

Little Disire Pov:

"Sharpie, Sharpie!" Desire yelled while running to him she was still carrying the black ski mask she found her father in his and her mom's bedroom. He was quietly sitting on the bed listening to the radio.

"Sharpie what's this?" She asked showing her father the mask.

"Ah you found my old ski mask." Denis said as he grabbed the mask.

"Sharpie who's Darkness?" She asked in an innocent tone.

 "Darkness was my idol, someone I looked up to." He explained "especially 'bout ten years ago. A super hero that came in a horrible time, that is why..."

"Dad, I know why he was named that. " Desire joked.

"Well actually I've met him, and he was really nice, just written wrongly." He said as he set the mask aside.

"Really?" She asked

"Really." He answered

"Will he ever come back?" She questioned.

"I don't know maybe someday sweetie.." he said looking out the window.


Disire's Diary pov:

My dream always fast forwards at this part. The truth was he didn't answer any of my questions. But that didn't bother me. My day went on as normal I ate, played, and slept. The unanswered question didn't bother me that much But then that night I heard my mom and dad fighting. And I went to see what it was about.


Little Disire pov:

Desire hid behind the couch when she heard her parents fighting. She saw a small bag on the floor she didn't know anything about what was going on so she just silently listened.

"I know that but.." Her dad said

"But nothing, you are about to do the most foolish thing Denis." Her mom said

"I know Madelyn but it is to protect you and our sweet Desire."

"I still don't want you to go." Madelyn yelled.

"I know Madelyn but I can't stay when I know I made this whole mess." He said trying to gently grab her.

"Whole mess?" Desire thought "what is he talking about"

"Desire can grow up in a peaceful world when I'm out of her life. Sinadel is going to do the unthinkable I just know it and I have to stop him. To save all of us." He explained as he grabbed the suitcase.

That was the final straw. Desire could tell that her father had won and he was going somewhere but he couldn’t tell them where.

"Ok," her mom breathed "Just, don't get too, too involved." Tears started to well up in her mother's eyes and surprisingly, Desire was doing the same behind the couch.

"The dark has been gone for ten years it is time to bring him back." He said as he opened the door. A cold autumn wind blew through the house.

"This was it!" Desire noticed "If I don't convince him now Sharpie will leave forever."

"Sharpie, don't go!" Desire yelled as she left the comfort of her hiding spot.

"Desire! What are you doing over here?" Her mother asked but Desire just ignored her.

"Sharpie, are you going to leave us?" Desire asked even though she knew the answer.

"Yes my sweet, sweet Desire." He quietly whispered.

Desire couldn't hold the tears any longer, "WHY SHARPIE, WHY?" She cried.

"Because it is..." Her father huffed. "Desire, you will find out when you are older. Goodbye Madelyn goodbye my sweet Desire." He said as he slowly shut the front door.

"Sharpie no!" She cried as her mom tried to hold her from going after him. "No don't Sharpie, Sharpie! No, No, No Sharpie don't leave us please don't leave Sharpie, Sharpie!"

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