Land of Confusion: HG comp version

Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music video on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


26. Dessum

Dessum couldn’t see where she was going. They blindfolded her before they came out of the torture chamber. She stumbled on something and fell.

"Get up low life!" A guard said she could tell it was the same one that blindfolded her, just by his voice. Someone grabbed her by the collar of her torn shirt and set her to her feet. Dessum listened to the guards’ footsteps, trying to walk in sync with them. She could hear murmuring though the halls as the guards led her though the dark passageways she could tell that everything was either concrete or tile by the clack of the boots or soft, but noticeable scuffle of Dessum's shoes. It felt like hours, maybe days since she had anything to eat or drink since she was captured that, last, or whatever evening that was. Dessum didn't care; she could still feel the burns and bruises form almost everywhere on her body. Her tattered clothes dangled off of her in some places. She was still reliving it all in her mind. The chair, the words, the knife, the flame, everything just to spill out something! But she only told them what they already knew and added a few lies to give them the runaround. That was the only way they were stopped. By information. So that is what Dessum lied about everything to an extent. And those made her feel somewhat proud, but made the pain worse. She clenched her teeth as she thought about Crimzen being tossed into an early grave, her best friend right next to her.

Then they finally stopped. She could hear a loud creek of a lonely cell door open she never thought that this was hers.

"Ok bag o' scum. Here is your new cellmate I will bring the other one later." He said as he pushed Dessum to the ground she screamed as she hit the ground twice then skidded to a stop. Dessum felt around the cell as she crawled to a corner and cried she hid her head in her arms even though her hands was still tied they were tied in front of her.

"Oh, what have I done?" She whined as she just stayed in that corner then she heard someone walk in front of her and touched her on the shoulder. Dessum wailed as a sharp pain rushed thee her body. "Ow!" she cried fallowed by a quick "Sorry" Dessum recognized the voice as she could feel someone untie her wet, soggy, blindfold. She had to let her eyes adjust to where she could see the person. All Dessum knew was that the person was trying to comfort her, and that someone was Ally.

"Ally, I, I thought you were... Oh I can't believe it's you." Dessum shrieked. Then she noticed Ally's torn outfit and the cuts and burns and chain marks all over her body. She also looked like she had been though worse than Dessum. Ally quietly untied her hands. Ally's hands didn't look quite right to Dessum. She also had bite marks on her torso and arms, most still dripping like it happened just recently.

Her hair, like Dessum's, was cut unevenly and jagged. Plus Dessum thought she heard Ally say, "I hope that I have enough money to afford...." Ally trailed off once she noticed that Dessum was listening. Then she to, fell into tears. "They made me I tried to get them to stop but they made me." Ally cried Dessum wrapped her arms around her.

"Go right ahead Ally." Dessum said. A few minutes of just comforting

each other.

Dessum heard the cell open she looked up and Ally slowly shifted herself around to see Crimzen being thrown on the ground like a piece of trash.

"You dead beat low lives yourself!" Crimzen yelled back as Dessum and Ally came to her side. Crimzen spitted a few times and blood came out onto the floor. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Good, no teeth this time." She said as she got up and wobbled to the sink.

Dessum noticed that Crimz was walking with a limp on her right which she knew about but she had an even bigger one on the left which was new. Her body and clothes looked dismembered to where Dessum wondered how in the world she was still alive. She grabbed the toilet paper roll. (Surprised they had a few since they were lucky to have one) and made bandages for her wounds that were really bad and, or gross looking. Her hair was cut like a boy's would but that didn't seem to bother her. She silently stared at the blank wall as she brought cold water from the rusted spout of the sink to her mouth she shivered as she spilled cool water all over herself. She slowly turned around insisting that Dessum and Ally do the same.

"You never know when you are going to eat, sleep, or get a drink here so might as well take a golden opportunity." She said and they did the same the water tasted like something was in it to Dessum so she didn't clean her wounds like Ally and Crimzen did, but she did dress them as best as she could with a little help from Crimzen.

"Hey Crimz, how long are we going to be in here?" Ally said. Crimzen looked puzzled at Ally's question.

"Well, um, when we escape. But before that I heard that Leroy and Darkness was here."

"Darkness, really?" Dessum chimed. She was really excited that she could finally come face to face to her father's idol.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing at that time! The Darkness, I could finally meet him in the flesh but first, as Crimzen predicted, we didn't get to eat till at least a day later. Then afterwards I was for certain I was going to meet Darkness and convince him that it is time for him to fight with us.

"Desire, Desire, over here!" Crimzen yelled, trying to flag her down. Dessum walked over to their table, holding a try of some, sort of green slop and the best piece of fruit she could find.

"Now, since everyone's here, Ally Desire meet Leroy. Leroy, " she introduced them to Leroy who looked like a true biker with a long brown, shaggy, beard and a black shirt with the same color paints with boots. His brown hair showed underneath his hat. "This is Desire and Ally the newest members of... Ouch" Crimzen chimed till Ally hit Crimzen in the ribs and both gave her dirty stares.

"What?" Crimzen whispered.

"We aren't resistance members yet you shouldn't say those things!" Ally said before Dessum could speak but she wasn't angry Dessum was going to say the exact same thing.

"Girls, girls, there is no need to fight. Just that we definitely need to talk especially me and you Desire" Leroy chimed and Dessum rolled her eyes and Leroy quickly caught himself. "No, not like that, I mean I have info about your umm." Leroy shuddered as an army solder walked by. Her hair was pinned in a perfect bun with a green baray but instead of the yellow tint of the classic soldier colors on their sunglasses the inside solders or guards wore red or brown. And she had a Japanese flag on her uniform but she spoke English perfectly.

"Problems, Leroy? You know two weeks from now is the fun arena for you boys and girls." She sarcastically said as she put a hand on Dessum and Leroy's shoulders.

"No Gem. Any news? Other then the fun house is coming up. Because I will definitely not be participating." Leroy said as he started flipping a wedding ring between his fingers. Dessum looked at Leroy in disbelief then at Crimzen who is completely calm. Leroy just kept on going. "This ring will keep me out for a while, Old Lee can't go for too long."

"Leroy, shush!" Crimzen whispered "Dessum, Ally this is as you've found out by now is Gem. Gem this is Desire and Ally, Gem is one of us." Crimzen said lowering her voice close to a whisper. Gem lowered and looked over her glasses, her green, obvious Japan heritage eyes showed though.

"I am." Gem whispered she acted like she was giving them a long harsh talk. "And to confirm your beliefs, yes the great Darkness is held in our clutches. Eat well, you are going to need it newbies." Gem said as she leaned towards them. "Five in vis if anyone wants want." Gem whispered and Dessum and Crimzen raised fingers. "K" She whispered and walked off. Then Crimz signaled her again saying tonight.

Meanwhile, Leroy was still flipping the same ring in his fingers then as the girls stopped talking he slipped it back on.

"Hey um Leroy, let me see that." Dessum said then Leroy passed the ring off to her. The ring was a beautiful gold that was a little dirty but in great shape other than the inside was chiseled out to hide a name but Dessum recognized the ring. "Leroy where did you get this?"

Dessum asked cautiously, wondering if this was her father’s ring from years ago.

"I pawned it." he proudly chimed

"From where?" She asked

"I don't know some guy that was walking in the street. Oh, I say about five or six years ago tops. He was happy I bought it since I was a resistance member and he also said to fear no more since the dark was coming back from his long slumber. And he also didn't want his wife or child into the mix. Which that part I respected." Leroy announced like the man he got the ring from gave him a winning lottery ticket.

"I think that man was my father. Did he have sharp teeth, like a shark and a mask?" Dessum asked quickly.

"Well his teeth were like a shark and one of the pockets was bulging out like something was just stuffed in there that was too big." Leroy stuttered trying to remember.

"I think you had met my father. But here is the thing Leroy, nothing that you just said makes any sense. You see. My father left my mom and I when I was 'bout two and then found you to sell his ring and told you about Darkness who magically reapers and is currently in this holding facility" Dessum randomly spat out.

"Sounds right." Crimzen said and Ally nodded.

"Looks like you are really going to need this visit with the dark." He teased but nobody laughed.

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