*Christmas competition 2014*

The Christmas season has come to New Olympia. As a result, Colbie expected her relationship with Jay to grow.

How wrong was she ...


1. Chilled

Who would've thought a girl could suffer so much in the span of a few hours?

     Look, I knew things would get rocky.  It's the nature of my relationship with Jay: incredibly complicated at times, but something I wouldn't trade for the world.

     My name is Colbie, just so ya know.

     I love the Christmas season.  It's one of the most beautiful and peaceful times of the year.  Not only that, it's the one time a year things can finally drift in the direction of normal.

     In my dictionary:  Normal means living like there's no hidden war happening.  Living for the sake of living.  Not living to have it all on the line.

     Call me crazy, but my friends and I are the only ones available to save the fate of the world from falling back into the hands of Cronus.  And it's not easy, believe me.

     Winter had finally came to New Olympia, complete with a couple inches of snow on the ground to make things slippery for the average commuter.

     Lucky us:  we walked to school. When we got there, Mindy was blocking my locker.

     Mindy and I are about the same age.  Only difference is she's way crueller than I could ever be, and she's a faker.  She covers herself in make-up and dyes her hair blond.  Not only that, she wears clothes too darn revealing for winter.

     Ugh!  Just my luck! I thought, sending the death glare.  I was never the lucky one, no thanks to Cronus.  She only arrived in arrived in August to lend a hand in combatting the god of time, and all she ever did was complain about the relationship I had with Jay.

     "If you feel like it, you can share a locker with me, today," Jay offered, taking my hand in his.  He offered me that shy smile I loved so much.

     I kissed his cheek, making sure Mindy had a good view.  "Thanks, Jay.  You're a life-saver," I said.

     Mindy sashayed over to us.  Giving Jay big brown eyes, she said, "You wanna ditch her and hang out with me?"

     He laughed out loud.  "Nah, I'm good.  I'm right where I want to be," he answered.

     Relief flooded through me.  Jay was loyal, despite what fate presented him with.  Where as any other guy would gladly desert me, Jay far too kind to do that to me.

     And that's what I love the most about him.

     Mindy pouted.  "Sit with me at lunch?" she asked.

     Jay and I exchanged grins before I answered, "Sorry.  Lunch date."


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