Sex, drugs, survival. [ James Yammouni Fanfiction ]

-Money for sex? he asked.
-Yes, I screamed.
I needed that money. I needed to buy my drugs. I needed to feel strong. I can't believe what my parents did to me.. They destroyed me..


1. A few words about my life

My name is Maria and I am 18 years old..
Since I remember myself my whole life had to do with all kinds of drugs.. Cocaine, heroin, weed, pills, booze.. I remember my parents getting high..  I remember how they used to scream to me because I couldn’t find them money..
When I was about 13 years old they forced me to have sex with different men or women, teenagers or older people just because they wanted to get their dose..
I was going back home and my whole body was full of scars.. My face was bleeding but they didn’t care. They had their “life” now..  Their thing.. Their drugs.
Months were passing by and I was still doing that.  I couldn’t get out of that.. I was dying inside and I was alone.. That was the day when I decided that I needed something to relax me. That was the day when I bought my first pack of weed…
That made me feel so good.. I was doing my job so much easier.. I was going back home and I didn’t give a shit about those dudes who were calling themselves my parents.
Parents? Ha! They weren’t even close to that. Right now though.. It was just me and my weed..
Day after day my body needed more. Weed was not good enough now.. I needed something stronger.. Something that would make me fly.. And I knew exactly what was that.. C o c a I n e…
I finished my “job” that day and I run to buy my thing.. I tried it that moment..  It was so fucking good. Especially with a bottle of whiskey.. Man I was in heaven.. I could do anything that moment.. I could jump off a cliff.. Rob a bank.. Kill someone..
But I couldn’t stop thinking that I was 13 fucking years old and I was doing all those things. When you are 13 you only care about your dolls, make up, clothes, shoes, boyfriends.. All I was care about was booze and cocaine.. Great.  Someone needs to give to my parents an award.. They raised me so well. Fuck them.
I will continue by my own now. I know how to do it. I know the tricks. I have people near my who are absolutely capable to do whatever I want.. Bad things or even good things. Who knows!

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