Behind her back

high school drama


4. the truth

I was at my locker when Sara came up-to me “listen, I lied yesterday,about Harry” she said “so Harry didn’t plan to hurt me?!” i was wondering why she is tell me the truth all of sudden,but i’m not worried about that. “no he didn’t, only Pasly did,” she looked down at her feet i have to talk to him and apologize “ can you tell him to meet me by my car after school.” “i’ll tell him, buy Alexis” she started walking away but i pulled her arm and gave her a hug “thank you Sara” i whispered Even though she wasn't my friend anymore i still appreciate her telling me the truth. The final bell rang, I raced to my locker and got all my stuff,struggling because of my foot,but Claudia was there to help, like always, i love my best friend ,she is always there for me when need her the most. “why in a hurry “Lex” she said putting her stuff in her book bag (that's the nickname she gave me) “oh Harry didn't plan to ruin my homecoming only Pasly ,so i’m meeting him at my car,and after we drop you off,we might get some pizza and just talk!!!” i said running out the school, or attempting to. We got in my car waiting for Harry to come,we were on our phones,when i got a text from an unknown person Unknown: hey i’ll be out there soon ;) I’m guessing it was Harry Alexis: harry? Unknown: yep Alexis: how did you get my number Unknown: Sara gave it to me when she told me that we need to talk Alexis: kk see you soon,were in the car ```````````````````````` 5 min `````````````````````` Harry came running out and hopped in the passenger seat “Hey Alexis and Claudia” he said with a cheeky smile , but his dimples tho “hey Harold” Claudia said,making us giggle as Harry smiled and shook his head “ok lets go” i said driving off
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