Behind her back

high school drama


5. sleepover

“I had the best time tonight,thank you Harry” I said and kissed his cheek and was about to go inside,but he grabbed my waist turning me toward him and smashed his lips on mine.I dropped my bag and put my arms around his neck and didn't hesitate to kiss him back. What was a kiss turned into us making out. My moms headlights came up the driveway which made us break the kiss. “do you want to go to my room?” i asked, picking up my bag and holding his hand . all he did was kiss me and i opened the door and up the stairs to my room. “will you be my girl?” he said right when i closed the door “yes” his face light up by my response.He got me up against the door and continued our makeout scene, “jump” he moaned biting my bottom lip, i didn't hesitate,i jumped, his hands holding me up by my thighs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry’s pvo “jump” I moaned biting her bottom lip, she didn't hesitate,she jumped, my hands holding me up by her thighs. “ Harry?” she said in between a kiss “yes love?” i looked in her hazel eyes,her eyes were so beautiful “can you spend the night?” she said looking at her bed “ do you want me to? and are your parents cool with it?” i was just making sure, i don’t want to get an her dads bad side. “they won’t care”she said, i put her down and texted my mom. Harry: not coming home tonight ,spending the night at Aaron. Mom: ok love you “i'm taking a shower harry” she yelled going into the bathroom. she came out in her pajamas and hopped into bed. I’m gonna hop in the shower really quick.” she nodded after my shower i hopped in bed with my hand around her waist. i had the best night ever just by getting to spend the night her.
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