Behind her back

high school drama


9. i LOVRE you

Alexis pvo i was running to the bathroom when a familiar pair of hands grabbed me by the waist and made my turn toward him. “i’m so sorry Aexis”he said cupping my face making me look in his sexy green eyes “no its not your fault, i need to tell you why i don’t like anyone yelling at me” “do you want to talk now or we can go to my house later?” he said pulling me in a hug “lets go to your house” as i hugged him back with tears in my eyes . ```````````````````````````````````````````` after school````````````````````````````````````````````` The final bell rang and i was at my locker putting my books in my bag, When i hear Pasly yelling at someone, i was thinking it was Sara, “How do you like her, she’s not even popular or pretty as me!!!” she yelled Then a familiar voice answered, it was Harry, my heart dropped, i didn’t know what he was going to say. “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT HER I LOVE HER MORE THAN I LOVED ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!” He yelled at her, my heart melted “* gasp* Have you told her that yet?” Pasly asked sounding a little hurt, “no not yet, but shes waiting for me!” with that he turned the corner to see me there at my locker smiling at him. He walked closer and gave me a tight hug that made me feel like we were one! “What did you hear?” he asked “Everything” i answer kissing him than grabbing his hand and start walking toward the door. He pulled me back in his arm as i gave him a confused look “ Are we gonna go?” i asked “i Have to tell you something first” He looked me in the eyes and smiled “ I love you Alexis” he said grabbing the necklace he bought me and pulling me in for a kiss. We just stood there kissing, i felt like i was melting that my legs couldn't hold me, so Harry was holding me close to his chest. <3 ------------------------------------ harry’s house------------------------------------------- Alexis pvo When we got in Harry’s room i ran and jumped on his bed, it was the first time i was in his room. “your a dork” he said nodding his head i jumped of his bed and was walking around looking at is trophies, sport posters “ nice room harold” i said sitting on his bed again. “uh thanks” he said laughing then sitting next to me He grabbed my hand and looked at me, “oh right why i don’t like people yelling at me, before i tell you ummmm…… don't think its stupid” i said looking down at my lap he lifted my face to wear i was looking him in the eyes “i promise” “ok ummm, when i was little my parents got in so many fights, they were always yelling at each other.” tears started to run down my face, but Harry squeezed my hand reassuring me that ‘its ok and he's listening’ so i continued. “One time they brought me into one of their fights, my mom would ask me if i thought she was right or my dad, i said my mom was, but i really didn’t know. my dad grabbed my wrist and through me across the room, and now i have this” i said showing him my shoulder were a scar was. “i’m so sorry, and i would never hurt you” he said holding me tight. “i love you” he said comforting me “i love you too” i responded
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