Behind her back

high school drama


6. cover up

(text) Harry; hey if my mom calls tell her im asleep or in the bathroom Aaron: why,and were are you Harry: i’m at Alexis house Aaron: r u 2 dating yet Harry: yes Aaron: when did you ask her? Harry: after our date i asked her Aaron: so you haven’t even been dating for a day and you're trying to already have sex with her? Harry: NO :(( Aaron: sorrrrrry Harry: will you please just tell my mom i'm in the bathroom or some thing Aaron: fine After i got of the phone with Harry i went downstairs in the kitchen to tell my mom what to do if his mom ever does call, my mom is one of those moms that don’t really care and would rather just be your friend. “hey mom Harry just texted and if his mom calls he wants us to tell her that hes in the bathroom or a sleep” i said sitting on the bar stool. “ok whatever” she said chopping up the cheese “where is he any way?” “ at his new girlfriend's house” i said wiggling my eyebrows “oh god,what happened with that slut Pasly?” “oh her he broke up with her,thank god, i hated her!!” i growled “i think everyone did!” we both laughed, i got up and grabbed a piece of cheese she cut up, “ don’t touch that,i’m trying to cook” she said playfully hitting my hand with a spoon “ya trying” yelled running out of the kitchen before she could hit me again.
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